Cuddles On the Mend

You might know what it’s like when a pet is sick. The guilt and the concern. Their little lives are fragile, especially when they’re seniors.

I’m not going to explain what happened to Cuddles in detail. Let’s just say the issue is at his tail end. The vet assured us we couldn’t have seen it coming or prevented it. Now, Cuddles is once again wearing the inflatable cone I bought here at Ports Pets the last time he was sick. The vet thought it was a great alternative to the horrible plastic funnel he had to offer.

side view of an unhappy Cuddles with his soft, blue ring around his head.
Cuddles is clearly unimpressed.

This contraption is softer, allows him to eat, sleep and move around. And it keeps him from fussing at his wound.

Twice a day, we have to administer a pain reliever/anti-inflammatory combo by mouth, and tend to the site. The medicine delivery is fast, via an oral syringe. Just open his mouth and fire it like a little gun. We also have the other part down to a few seconds. He’s getting used to it and doesn’t protest much anymore. He knows that once we’re done, he can go back to napping.

Front view of Cuddles' face with the blue cone around his neck. He still looks unhappy.
“Does this inflatable cone make me look fat?”

However, I’ve become the bad guy, for now. I get it. Derek holds him gently and whispers soothing words while I shoot icky-tasting stuff into his mouth and do my other nurse duties. Cuddles has taken to Derek’s lap for snuggles and although he does snuggle up to me at times, he’s just as likely to chirp warily when I come near him. I can’t blame him. My failed attempt to get him into his carrying crate on my own was also traumatizing for both of us. We might have to get into therapy when all this is over!

THERAPIST: Cuddles, how did being chased around the house make you feel?

CUDDLES: Oh, doc, she was out of control! A total MANIAC! Trust was broken that day, doc. I’m not sure how it can ever be repaired.

ME: (weeping softly) I was trying to get him into the vet right away! We missed the appointment and had to wait until the next day.


It’s not easy to be the bad guy. I can only hope that once he’s all better, he’ll allow forgiveness into his little feline heart.

8 thoughts on “Cuddles On the Mend”

  1. Oh the trials of our love for our cats. We leave the crate out so that they can investigate on their own to see what it is, they go in and out. We don’t leave it out all the time, usually bring it out once or twice a month. It is no fun chasing a cat to do these things. Cuddles will warm back up to you once he is feeling himself again. You are a good human Mom.

  2. Roberta, that’s a really good idea to bring the crate out when it’s not a threat. Thank you! We’ll take that advice. We are deliberately not using the same place and time to administer drugs etc. On the one hand, it means he can be interrupted at any time but on the other, he doesn’t experience the fear of anticipation. We’re getting really quick at it, too!

      1. I have to and it’s not fun. A vet once told me to use the rubber end of a pencil to shove it down their throat. I prefer to take a chance with my fingers. I haven’t been bitten yet but I do become persona non grata for a few days. Cuddles still loves you he just thinks you’re a jerk right now.

  3. You had an awful homecoming my friend. From the story you told on G+F about the failed service on the part of the shuttle service, to being extremely ill, and then the trauma with poor Cuddles. What blows me away is in the midst of the last two, you were able to get yourself into a “showtime” mode and do the podcast. You’re amazing. And your heart knows no bounds. Cuddles must wonder what on earth I did to you while you were gone! But you’ll all soon be as good as before. And I wish you a gentle cosy weekend, my friend. Erin

  4. Claire Cascone

    Oh Lisa…I’m so sorry your little guy is not well. You and Derek are doing everything right by him, and that’s what counts. He loves you both for taking such good care of him, whether he lets you see that or not. I sure hope you all feel much better real soon.

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