Mother’s Day Musing

mother lifting her baby

Sunday is Mother’s Day. Around here, it’s just Sunday.

Erin and I discuss our complicated relationships with Mother’s Day on this week’s episode of our podcast Gracefully and Frankly. Hers, because her daughter Lauren, her only child, died eight years ago this week. Mine, because I never became a mother. And we are both now motherless children.

But that doesn’t take away any of the joy we feel for the Moms we know. I wrote about those complicated feelings on the first Mother’s Day after my Mom died. I don’t think I can improve on that, so if you’re interested, you can find that post by clicking HERE.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms, substitute Moms, step-Moms and anyone else who nurtures or guides a child. You’re doing important work that you rarely get thanks for. That’s why there’s a day set aside to do it. I hope you feel the love.

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Musing”

  1. Wishing all the moms who read this post all the very best on your special day! Is it really eight years since Lauren passed away? hard to believe.

  2. I listened to the Mother’s Day episode and just now went back to re-read your “Happy for Moms” post. I appreciate your honesty and I appreciate seeing the balance you have achieved. Your comments reminded me of something my own mother said to me once, “I would never want you to feel obligated to someone just because they are related to you.” She meant that for herself, too: Don’t love me because you think you owe me love, love me because I’ve earned it.

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