So Many (Rhetorical) Questions

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For flat-earth believers. If the earth is flat, why are all of the other planets round? And why doesn’t earth ever flip over like a coin? And if it did, what would be on the other side?

If “mainstream media” is all one thing that follows a particular narrative, why – in more than 30 years of working in it – was I never once summoned to a news suppression meeting? Or given a guideline on what to cover and what to ignore? Why were I and all of my colleagues allowed to make our own decisions on the definition of “news”? And why is it still that way?

Who decided that “social media” was a thing whose opinion was worth noting? As far as I can tell, “social media” is made up of people who are smart, stupid, well-informed, misinformed, reacting off the top of their heads, and making decisions after careful deliberation. How is that helpful? Social media got it totally backwards when it came to the surprise out-of-nowhere hit song, Rich Men North of Richmond.

Why do scientists conduct experiments on rats because they’re smart and a lot like us, but rats out in the world are disgusting and an indication of filth? How can an octopus show recognition and intelligence in the wonderful documentary, My Octopus Teacher, but also get processed and canned with flavorings and salt for fine dining?

Why do some people treat the earth with care and consideration, because it’s our only home, while other behave like careless renters?

Why would a 6’3″, 215 lb. man say “never surrender”, when he had just surrendered to authorities in Georgia?

Side by side photos of Lamar Jackson, physically fit football player, and Donald Trump, chunky golfer, who both say they're 6-foot three and 215 lbs.
I’ll end with a fun fact: I’m 5’10” and 125 lbs. And a billionaire. Hey, some people will probably believe it.

4 thoughts on “So Many (Rhetorical) Questions”

  1. You’ve given me a lot to think about this morning, Lisa. For example…how can a human brain absorb and ponder so many thoughts at one time, and how does it all affect our day to day life?

    One thing I can say with certainty though, I have a new respect for octopuses (octopi?)
    One more thing…isn’t it a coincidence that we are both billionaires? You know that’s true because you’re reading it right here on the internet. (smirking)

    Thanks for sharing your written words today, Lisa.

  2. “To not ask questions is a crime against your own mind.” Roger Ebert
    This is my guiding quote as a journo who asks questions for a living.

  3. Hi Lisa, in my career in the lamestream media (30 years and counting) I never got the memo, either, or got invited to the meetings where the conspiracy leaders told us what news to suppress and what “narrative” to promote.

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