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Matthew Perry at Smarter Justice in 2013

It could be weeks before there’s a conclusion about the cause of Matthew Perry’s death on the weekend. Toxicology test results, whether there were any chemicals in his blood, take time. He had prescriptions for medications. But he clearly hadn’t relapsed into the waiting arms of his cruel addiction.

Perry’s death at 54 and the feelings it churned up prompted Erin Davis and me to do an extra episode of our podcast, Gracefully and Frankly, on Sunday night. Sometimes you simply need to talk it through, and that’s what we did. Our new Thursday episode, #44, will arrive as usual.

Trade Show Hostess With the Mostest Books

Trade Up book cover has shades of green and gold, shows a man walking toward a city.

Level Up is a series of skilled trade fairs for high school students across Ontario, sponsored by Skilled Trades Ontario. I’ll be an exhibitor in London’s fair, Wednesday and Thursday, on behalf of the book I cowrote, Trade Up. They’re expecting thousands of students to come through the Western Fair Agriplex on those days, to learn more about getting into a skilled trade.

My role, and our book, deals with those tough conversations with university-focused parents. How does a kid tell their Mom or Dad that they want to take up a trade instead of get a degree? We meet those discussions head on and when it comes to a trade vs. university, we believe students can do both. Trade Up shows how acquiring a trade first can make a university or college education more affordable. We aim to show a way that avoids taking on huge student debt and builds a great future with endless possibilities.

My book partner John is traveling so this event is on me. If anyone wants to stop by with a dark roast coffee, I’m land-locked for two full days! 😊 I’m kidding. I’m sure there’s coffee there and I’m sure it’s wet and maybe even hot.

Younger “Girls” Take Note

It doesn’t start until next fall, but Ontario is lowering the age of coverage for breast cancer screening. Right now, it’s for women 50 and older. It’s being opened up to women age 40 and up.

Mammograms suck, no question. No one likes getting the girls pancaked in a metal vise. But we are tough and can endure a couple of minutes of discomfort that could save our lives. Every test I’ve had has been different. Once, I was sent to another room for an immediate ultrasound. Another time, I was called back a few weeks later for a second mammogram. And even if it’s just the one-and-done test, it’s in the back of your mind until you’re given the all clear. But I’ve never regretted doing it.

Almost 12,000 Ontario women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. We know that early detection saves lives and often means less aggressive treatments. Do it. Get yourself in the system. Once you do, the reminders to book a test come automatically. It’s a pretty good system. So, look after the girls.

Have a safe and fun Halloween! The forecast here is cold and wet. It looks like our neighbours’ kids will be keeping up the Canadian tradition of wearing winter coats over their costumes.

5 thoughts on “The One About A Bunch of Things”

  1. Just a quick thought. I was very excited to hear that the Ontario government was opening up mammograms to our younger sisters. Being in the system is great because I get the email that says “Time to book” at the right time, no thought from me.

    There is a caveat, however. If there is no more money from the province, then the wait for those mammograms will become even longer than they are now. I think my last one was 4-6 weeks. Politicians are really good at making seemingly good announcements, without the support that is needed. 🙁 (Yes, I am disillusioned by our government officials)

  2. I have to admit that it has been bothering me to know that the autopsy report for Matthew Perry will be made public. Soon after getting over the shock of hearing the sad news, I was hoping (which is unrealistic, I know), that the headlines would focus on the good things he’s done to help people, and his career. In my mind, it should end there. Whatever is in his medical records should be only for his family to see. I never missed an episode of Friends, and I loved Chandler Bing for the years of laughter he brought to me and a million other households. That’s what I will focus on.

    Lisa, I am 100% in favour of everything “Trade Up” stands for. When my kids and their friends were graduating and wondering what career direction to follow, (like anyone really knows at that age) I used to tell them all to look at the trades. University isn’t for everyone, and nobody should feel like they are failing if they don’t attend.

    Mammograms at age 40…I am so glad they have lowered the age. Breast cancer doesn’t know or care how old you are, so it’s up to us to stay informed and go get checked.

  3. Catching up on what I missed while pleasantly distracted from it all on a tropical vacation. Matthew Perry brought so much joy & laughter, despite all those demons he lived with, to me and he also helped to get me through COVID when I rewatched the entire Friends seasons. Such a sad loss to all those who loved him. I just listened to your bonus G&F episode too. So heartbreaking 💔

    Oh and I have my mammogram booked. Coming up actually. First one in our new home location. So important. Happy to hear they are lowering the age.


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