Review: Welcome to the Stupidpocalypse – Survival Tips for the Dumbageddon

cover of Welcome to the Stupidpocalypse features a picture of Stewart Reynolds looking dad-like

You’ve probably read a funny post or watched a viral video by Brittlestar, aka Stewart Reynolds. He’s all over social media as Canada’s Dad, nailing Canadianisms and other isms including polarizing subjects with wit, humour, and just the right tone. His comedy hits a narrow sweet spot between “if you do this, you’re stupid” and, “stupid doesn’t mean worthless – let me give you a hug!”

His book lands perfectly in that rare comedy zone. It pokes fun at the dummies among us while admitting we are all dummies at some time, over some things. Calling someone stupid is acceptable – and Canadian – if you admit you can be stupid too. And no one is immune.

The book is a guide to being less stupid. And on essence that boils down, in large part, to taking things a lot less seriously.

He hits a bullseye on issues my tiny brain has only managed to dance around. One of them is the differences between Americans and Canadians. It’s much more than Dunkin’ Donuts versus Tim Hortons. Stewart observes that many Americans seem to think they’ll somehow become billionaires. So, they take it personally when real billionaires seem “targeted” by government, activists, media coverage, etc. Not all Canadians love Tim Hortons but he’s right that we will still defend it to the death. America is like a candy store to us – fun to visit, but living there might kill us. Or at least, give us chronic high blood sugar.

Good Advice From Our Dad

Parenting, marriage, family, politics and politicians, and being a “social media darling“, are all covered in Stewart’s funny, clever book. Few people could get away with writing about us this way. At this moment, in this political climate, Stewart is probably the only one who can. Canada’s Dad might send us to our room for being stupid. But once mom’s asleep he’ll sneak in with cookies and ask if we’re okay and want to talk. He’s just that kind of a guy.

Like all great Canadian talents, Brittlestar has attracted a global following. He’s got famous pals like the Property Brothers and has been invited to the White House. Prime Minister Trudeau recently made time for him. One gets the impression that he’s not about to “go Hollywood”. But there are no guarantees. America has a far greater selection of breakfast cereals and production opportunities. I’m going on the offensive. This is an urgent appeal to Tim Hortons to give him and his family a lifetime of free coffee and Timbits if they stay in Canada. Let’s not take any chances.

3 thoughts on “Review: Welcome to the Stupidpocalypse – Survival Tips for the Dumbageddon”

  1. I absolutely love everything about this man. His way of thinking, speaking and writing are spot on and always delivered in the classic Brittlestar manner. Who wouldn’t want to sit at a table and have a Timmies with this guy, eh?

    1. Absolutely! One of his sons is also doing Brittlestar-esque videos for his generation. I guess it’s the family business!

  2. What I love most about Brittlestar is his kindness. Sure, if you’re on the “stupid” side of the room, you may not have appreciated his takes during Covid (and I know your people are not!) – but he says it with a gentle, logical tone that should get through to everyone. Hope you brought the hardcover and have room for it in your carry-on when next we meet! xoxox E.

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