A Late-Runner Embraces the Early Side of Life

Close-up of Kendra smiling. She has long blond hair and is wearing pink

Please meet our friend Kendra. She and her husband Tim live in Arkansas and we’ve been to see them exactly once. (Derek’s been there a few times on motorcycle trips with buddies.) I won’t share her life story here, because it’s not mine to tell. But let me assure you that she has overcome a lot of major obstacles in her life. So has Tim, for that matter.

A few weeks ago, at the age of 52, Kendra completed her third Spartan event. A grueling, 10k trek over rugged terrain and obstacles. Honestly, it’s a punishing course that only the fittest and most determined competitors would take on. That’s Kendra.

The other day she posted a video on TikTok that could change many lives. (Even more so than some of the other life-changing videos she has posted.)

I’ve written before about my friend here who always runs late and how she can’t seem to change. I didn’t know that Kendra was also a “latey”. Some think it might be tied to undiagnosed ADHD. It’s called Time Blindness. But for others, it’s simply a bad habit they don’t know how to break.

If you have seven minutes, and you or someone you know is always running late, please watch Kendra’s video. She transformed herself from being an always-late person to an early-person. It took courage to ask Tim to help her. Wisdom to notice that always being late wasn’t a reflection of her best intentions. And a willingness to embrace short-term discomfort for long-term gain. Welcome to the early side!

2 thoughts on “A Late-Runner Embraces the Early Side of Life”

  1. Thank you for sharing my story, Lisa! Time Blindness and ADHD def contributed to my lifetime of always being late. I also NEVER allowed for unforeseen circumstances, giving myself JUST enough time to make it in the BEST of circumstances. It was totally unrealistic. I also have wondered if punctuality should have been taught as a child- teaching children to figure out how long it takes them to get ready, how long the trip will take and then accounting for the unforeseens, etc. I am thankful to have made this change in my life but even after a couple of years, I still double check with Tim on what time we should leave. Often times, I’ve regressed to my old ways of thinking (not giving myself enough time) but he gets me back on track and I’m thankful for his patience. I hope my video is helpful to others but also makes people smile. Thanks again for sharing, my good friend.

    1. I think it’s so cool that you’re putting so much effort into this change! And the fact that you were ARRESTED?!?! Hilarious/scary/a cautionary tale. xo

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