Three construction paper paintings in a row on a wall about an inch above a baseboard.

Cat’s Height Gallery

Hello, my sweets! I’ve been thinking. It’s a wonder the neck of a cat isn’t as long as a giraffe’s. We spend so much of our time looking up. Everything we want to see is many miles above us. This is why we love climbing up onto things like bookshelves and roofs. It’s from such a perch that we’re able to finally look down on the world.

My Good Friend Joe

A few weeks ago, I received an email telling me that I was one of ten finalists in the Win A Wardrobe For Life Contest from Joe Fresh. This immediately raised my suspicions, of course. However, I had a clear memory of entering the contest and the attached form wasn’t asking for anything related to my bank accounts or credit card numbers. It looked legit.  …