My Dad in 1993, at the podium making a speech at my wedding, looking healthy and smiling wearing a dark suit and a yellow carnation on his lapel

Thankful Thursday – Dear Dad Donation

When my book, Make the Media Want You was published last summer, I promised to donate 5% of net proceeds to a program my late Dad loved: the Steve Ludzik Centre for Parkinson’s Rehab at Hotel Dieu Shaver in St. Catharines. So on this Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to do something from my heart, in memory of my Dad.

Dad's bingo-themed suspenders hang over a kitchen chair

A Few of Dad’s Favourite Things

It’s natural to think about those we’ve lost at this time of year. Yesterday, the great Penny Marshall joined the long list of people who left us in 2018. We think of our dear friend Kerry. Mike Cooper’s wonderful wife Debbie. Our warm and lovable colleague, Jodi. And my Dad’s been in my thoughts more than usual, now a year-and-a-half after he died.

stones piled up in the forefront with a still, blue lake in the background

Depression Duration

My mother said long ago, “Everybody has something”. She meant that we all have something to deal with, whether it’s an illness or a physical issue or a crummy family life – something. More and more, we’re becoming aware of how many people’s “something” is mental illness.

Throwback Thursday – Winner’s Circle

It’s been nine long/short months since we lost our Dad to complications of Parkinson’s disease. Grief is like that. It’s fast but it’s also slow. I feel it most acutely on weekends because that’s when I’d hit the road to see him. His absence is huge and created a hole in our lives that will never be filled.  …

Dad in my Heart

My chiropractor is simply wonderful. She’s thoughtful and smart. She’s the woman who fixed my neck within seconds of our first meeting, after I endured two years of migraines and trying out all sorts of experts who couldn’t do it. I will always be grateful. Like me, she lost her Dad recently, so she knows how it feels.  …

Crying With Laughter

I hope you’ll indulge me as I share some of the funnier moments my Dad created in his life. There’s no visitation, service or ceremony for him. That’s how he wanted – actually insisted – it should be. I might not feel like writing here for the rest of the week, but I feel like it now, so here I am.  …

John Ernest Hubbs – 1935-2017

Too soon and yet after too much suffering, my father has died as the result of complications from Parkinson’s. It’s a horrible disease. An eventual life sentence of deteriorating motor skills, loss of independence and dementia. He was 82, but in the past year, he aged to look ten years older. He was my Daddy and no matter what illness did to him, he somehow kept a glimmer of his sense of humour, a testament to his strength.


We’re lucky that my Dad is mostly in a good mood while Parkinson’s eats away at his mobility and dementia claims more of his time. As I’ve posted previously, we just go along with whatever reality he’s in. It’s as if he’s literally seeing things that we can’t see, which I suppose he is. He was recently in hospital for eighteen days and we thought we’d lost him. Now he’s back in his long-term care home and re-adjusting pretty well. But he fixates on things for a day or two at a time and on the weekend, he was seeing – or wanting to see – grapes. 

Dad Jeans

Much fun has been made of so-called Mom jeans. You know the type: they sit higher on the waist than is fashionable and offer a generous amount of room in the seat. They may or may not have an elastic waist. No one you or I know wears Mom jeans but they do exist on the bodies of some women.  They’re not cool.  …