Month: October 2009

This Is It

Imagine making a feature film out of footage that was never meant to be shown publicly.  That’s the monumental task that faced Kenny Ortega, MJ’s collaborator on the This Is It concerts that never were; 50 shows set to kick off in London, England in July, meant to be the final concerts for the almost …

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Flying Objects

This morning we have killed three spiders, removed two ladybugs and lost sight of a third and it’s not even 7:30.

Unrealistic Expectations

I heard a news story the other day about a local couple that was bothered when a paper printed the wrong number for a sex-chat line. 

Two-fer Blog

Today I want to direct you to an ad for Dawn dishwashing detergent on my 1039fm blog.  Enjoy!

Cyber Sales Game Evolves – London Free Press Biz Monday feature

While I was in sick bay on Monday, my business feature for the London Free press ran as the cover story on the Biz Monday section. I really enjoy writing these feature stories.   In the paper it’s got all sorts of cool pictures and a funky layout.  Here is my text:

A Poem for the Day

I have a cold, it’s no big deal It won’t kill me to miss a meal Or lay around like I’m a sloth Wrapped in a hundred miles of cloth Drinking tea and taking pills Heating up then getting chills This day has more important issues Than my growing pile of tissues So wash your hands and …

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The Scummy Underbelly of the Law

Innocence until guilt is proven is something we hold dear in this country and anyone who’s been wrongly accused can certainly attest to that.  But what about when someone is guilty and their lawyer still attempts to pin the crime on someone else, worst of all, one of the victims?

A Doctor Can Know You Too Well!

This week, I had an afternoon appointment with a specialist in Hamilton. It’s an annual thing, totally routine but necessary, and I haven’t even considered trying to replace this particular doctor even though I now live 90 minutes away, in London.

This is Not a Classy Blog!

I’m about to tell you my guiltiest of guilty pleasures.  I’m not proud of how much I love the website .

Open Letter to Jian Ghomeshi

Hey Jian, it’s me! Lisa!  We did a radio show together many, many moons ago and you and the other members of Moxy Fruvous were hilarious, as usual. You borrowed a trophy from the control room and on live, national radio, you awarded it to me as your favourite radio host…of that evening!  I think …

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