Month: October 2009

This Is It

Imagine making a feature film out of footage that was never meant to be shown publicly.  That’s the monumental task that faced Kenny Ortega, MJ’s collaborator on the This Is It concerts that never were; 50 shows set to kick off in London, England in July, meant to be the final concerts for the almost 50 year old Jackson. …

A Poem for the Day

I have a cold, it’s no big deal

It won’t kill me to miss a meal

Or lay around like I’m a sloth

Wrapped in a hundred miles of cloth

Drinking tea and taking pills

Heating up then getting chills

This day has more important issues

Than my growing pile of tissues

So wash your hands and save your sorrow

I’ll be much better by tomorrow!

Open Letter to Jian Ghomeshi

Hey Jian, it’s me! Lisa!  We did a radio show together many, many moons ago and you and the other members of Moxy Fruvous were hilarious, as usual. You borrowed a trophy from the control room and on live, national radio, you awarded it to me as your favourite radio host…of that evening!  I think it was a soccer trophy.  Anyway, there have been a lot of kilometres and lots of radio programs since then so I don’t really expect you to remember.  But I do. …