Month: March 2010

Strange Idea of Fun

A Japanese video game is getting a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons.  It’s called RapeLay.  Can you guess what it’s about?

The Story of Anvil

This documentary came out about a year ago.  We watched it just recently after a recommendation from a colleague.  It’s a very good movie.

Pancake Mania II

About a year ago I posted a photo of a banner that was up at my long lost, second cousin Ron Hubbs’ maple syrup operation at Wellington Ontario.  This weekend we went back for the annual pancake extravaganza and the banner that spells his own surname incorrectly was up again! 

Something to Think About

Discussing religion is always dicey.   The fact is, no one can really, truly answer a lot of important questions about the universe and our role in it.  But many people are unable to acknowledge that and some see any discussion of religion as an attack on it. 

Scrabble in the Dark

That’s how we plan to spend Earth Hour tonight from 8:30 to 9:30.  We’ll play Scrabble, the old-fashioned non-electronic kind with tiles and a board, by candlelight.

Crash Course in Road Sharing

Let me say at the outset that I did not actually witness the accident.  I saw the car fly across the oncoming lanes and onto the grass, stopping just shy of the hedge but I didn’t actually see the impact.  I was behind a van at the stoplight. 

A Tale of Two Storytellers

Recently I had the experience of hearing a news story on one radio station, and then immediately hearing it on another.  This isn’t such a rare thing except the story was told so differently by the two anchors that it was like a slap in the ears with a velvet glove. 

What Passes for News

In the days of yore, not as long ago as yesteryear and even more recently than back in the day, entertainment news actually had a “news” quality to it.

House Proud – Cabin Fever Makeover, The Toronto Sun

Once every year, sometime between the groundhog’s annual pop-up and the appearance of spring’s first robin, I wake up with an antsy feeling. Suddenly I have to redecorate something. It’s how my own personal cabin fever manifests itself. 

Pavlov’s Radio Host

It happens every day around 11 am.  One of the restaurants in the building downstairs from 1039fm fires up the grill and like the dinging of a bell, the drool-inducing smells of searing meat start wafting up through the ventilation system.

Data Transfer Suckage

It’s mid-month – the 17th to be exact, St. Patrick’s Day for those who mark it – and we’ve almost reached our monthly limit for data transfer from our Internet provider. 

Anti Canadian Rant

I’m about to take an anti-Canadian stance on something. If you see anything Canadian as inherently good and have a small flag waving in your heart at all times, you might not like it.

The Word Fairy

In the past few days The Word Fairy has been struck by an unusually high number of writing faux pas.  Let me put down my wand as we explore some of them here, shall we?

Forecast Schmorecast

Meteorologists, unite and please admit that you cannot predict the weather. Do it! You will feel better. The truth will set you free!

Choose Life

This week a 40-something woman was killed when she jumped onto the subway tracks in New York to retrieve her gym bag.

Up Against The Wal(Mart)

I’ve always liked Zellers.  In Burlington, we lived just a stone’s throw from a big, clean, modern and bright Zellers that contained a charming little diner where friendly ladies served up a fast and delicious breakfast on weekends.