Bernice II is Coming Home!

This is an admittedly terrible picture of my new bike but when I last saw it, it was still parked on the showroom floor.

However, the SOLD sign really says it all.  I also ordered engine guards – “crash bars” as they’re more commonly known – and I’ll keep my highway pegs.  My brother has given me his Harley floorboards and we’ll see if they’ll fit on Bernice II. 

The original Bernice passed her test drive with flying colours and I predict she will sell in a heartbeat.  The service guy who took her for a spin said she rode “like a dream”.  Sigh.  She did!  But he also told me to stop thinking of her as Bernice because, “Once we strip those star stickers off and put her on the floor, she’s not Bernice anymore!”  

I’m supposed to drop off the Boulevard and pick up the Shadow tomorrow however the forecast is calling for crap with a good chance of ick.  I don’t want my first real ride to be in slippery rain.  It may have to wait a day.   We shall see!

2 thoughts on “Bernice II is Coming Home!”

  1. So you came off the fence and stepped up to a new ride, congratulations. May you and Bernice II have many new adventures and travels until its time for Bernice III in a few years.

    1. Thanks Allan. I was so excited about the deal I’m getting on this bike that I added, and then edited, the details on it!! haha. I didn’t want anyone else running down and scooping it up. It’s that good!

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