Month: January 2011

The Kind of Hospital I’m in

8 days into my stay and I just felt confident and able to go to the third floor cafeteria on my own. I had heard rumours about Jello and when a tiny, toothless cafeteria worker noticed me looking longingly through the puddings she asked what I wanted. I told her. “what kind do you like, …

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A Slice of a Day in the Life

A young cleaning woman mopped around me as a read yesterday. “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Jessica Biel?”, thinking she must hear it all the time. “No way” she said clearly pleased. “really?” “I think you’d win a photo contest!” “right on!” she said. “thanks!” “hey I just call it as …

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Communication Breakdown

If I’ve communicated with you personally consider it the tiniest of miracles. I’m quite sure I’ve sent emails only in my head and really sent others that I can’t remember. Such is life  in the whirlwind of medications and testing. This hospital apparently sees cases similar to mine about twice a week but they’re usually …

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Better Late…

I LOVED Ricky Gervais as host of the Golden Globes, for a second time in a row.

No Upside

The woman who froze to death in a Scarborough driveway could have been saved.   That much we know.

A Target on Zellers

I loved Zellers when I lived in the GTA.  The stores have been renovated, they’re bright and look like they mean business.  They were great for buying cleaning products and other doodads and whatnots. And as a longtime HBC Rewards points collector, I enjoy my Zellers/Bay/Home Outfitters combo for accumulating points.

John, Where Are You?

In broadcasting, like in other businesses I’m sure, you tend to keep track, even loosely, of former colleagues.