Getting My Groupon

Groupon is a brilliant concept. It’s not unique but it’s very popular and I’ve recently become a fan and a customer.

Groupon exists in many cites, including London, and here’s how the website works. Every day they offer a discount on goods or services provided by a local merchant. For example, the one that grabbed me was $15 for $30 worth of food at Aroma Restaurant. We’ve never been to Aroma but we’ve heard good things about its Mediterranean fare so getting a bit of a discount is a nice way to try it out. And because it was my first Groupon purchase, I got to take $10 off. So I’m really getting $30 in food for 5 bucks.

A certain number of customers must take advantage of the group discount in order for it to be valid. It’s a different number for every deal. My Aroma certificate “tipped”, as they call it, almost immediately. Since I joined they’ve offered bird seed and feeders, teeth whitening, theatre tickets and so on. It’s different every day.

If I had a retail store I’d be using Groupon to increase traffic. I get a kick out of seeing what’s available each day! A competing website (whose name escapes me) was recently on Dragon’s Den and its owners secured funding from a couple of the Dragons. It’s becoming a popular way to shop online. It doesn’t cost anything to look around unless you purchase the deal, of course.

2 thoughts on “Getting My Groupon”

    1. Hi Allan, I looked at that site and it’s actually more of an advertising hub than a home for time-sensitive discounted deals. On Groupon, you can only see that day and week’s offerings and there are no full-page ads like on torontopath. It’s more narrow-focused, is my point! 🙂

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