Cup Sizes Are Changing

No, this isn’t about bras or the things that they sling.

Tim Hortons is changing the way it doles out coffee. Small will be no more and medium will be the new small. Then an old medium will be the old large, ordering a large will get you what used to be an extra-large and there’s a new 24-ounce extra large cup!

Are you still with me?

The prices stay the same but the names have changed. Tims also claims you’ll get the same amount of coffee you’re used to which begs the question: Have we been getting the same amount of liquid in the old small and the new small (medium) the whole time but paying more for the so-called bigger size?

Tims cup and lid beside a Tims plate

In the US there is no small. You start at medium and work your way up. The new Canadian cup system is being tested in Kingston and Sudbury and the company hasn’t said when it will rrrrrrroll out the plan across the nation.

At Starbucks, you can now order a 31-ounce cup in a size called Trenta because Starbucks requires you to learn an entire new language if you want to place an order. They call it Trenta but it’s really an extra-large. Just don’t say that at the counter or they will correct you and say, “Trenta” , in a cultish way.

I love coffee but I’m always torn about how much to drink. It depends on the day and the availablity of good stuff and how much sleep I’ve had from the night before. I wonder how many people will order an extra-large or Trenta and consider that to be one cup? “That’s right Marge, I’m down to only four cups a day but for some reason I can’t stop shaking uncontrollably and yelling obsceneties at total strangers!”

2 thoughts on “Cup Sizes Are Changing”

  1. The only challenge i can see with the new cup sizes or re alignment at Tim’s, will be the consumers ability to drink their coffee while its still hot/warm. I don’t know about others, but I’m not a fan of cold coffee and I’ve had way too many over the years that I now drink my coffee in a thermos type mug which maintains the heat.

    As to the other cup sizes, I’ll leave that alone.

  2. I saw the cup changes while I was in Sudbury last week. Since I already get an XL, I’ll be okay. My question is… why to we have to force “more” down peoples throats?

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