Month: April 2012

Hasta Luego!

That’s “see you later” in Spanish!  Life is a beach and I’m on it, returning April 28th.

I won’t be plugged in and I won’t be answering emails and I won’t be happy if you

fill up my in-box with crap!  Thank you!!!

beach on the Mayan Riviera in Mexico

The Latest Quest

I have a bit of a philosophy that’s not written in stone or even fully formed but it goes something like this: If it’s going to work out, it usually comes together pretty easily.  Or something like that.  In my experience, pushing and struggling and sweating and wallowing in anxiety doesn’t get me anywhere.   …

A Serving of Spam

Spammers are funny. Oh I’m sure they don’t mean to be.  In fact I’ll bet they’re deadly serious about trying to fool the unaware and the uninitiated into posting their messages and spreading the word on whatever they’re hoping to sell.   …

Easter Feaster

Whether it’s Easter, Passover or none of the above, I hope you have a lovely long weekend. It’s always a Good Friday when one can sleep in past 3:30 am!  One of my personal goals is to get to know this guy.   …