Month: May 2013

Celebrating the Freaks

Models are freaks.  They are the .00001 % of the female population but they’re exploited as if they’re what we should all aspire to. They’re freaks! 

Brandt’s Randt – Jerry Lewis Makes Unfunny Comments on Women Comics

Jerry Lewis is a tool.  Yes, a tool who raised lots of money for kids with M.D. but a tool nonetheless.  One of the biggest jerks I ever worked with was nicknamed Mr. Telethon and that moniker had nothing to do with his caring personality – which didn’t exist –  and everything to do with …

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Hands-free Faucets Now in Style – Sun Media

Savvy shoppers know the best way to update last year’s dress is with a funky new necklace in this year’s hottest style or colour.  Many designers advise homeowners to apply the same principle when they’re updating a kitchen, only in this case, the faucet is the jewelry. 

How to Spot a Dinosaur

Dinosaurs – defined in this case as people who haven’t evolved with the times – make assumptions.  They assume everybody celebrates Christmas and don’t consider that they might be Jewish or another faith.  They assume everybody is straight.  They never think about whether a white person might be married to a black person or if …

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Pretty Good Story

Did you hear about the British woman who says she’s too pretty to work?  She claims she can’t function in any job because she’s just so beautiful that men won’t leave her alone and being employed becomes too troublesome.  

Review: The Truth about Dandelions by Hayley Linfield

The best novelists make their writing seem effortless. When you read their stories you don’t even think about the writing and that’s tough for a fellow writer to do.  But Hayley Linfield has accomplished this with her debut novel, The Truth about Dandelions. 

Oh Deer!

My Twitter followers are familiar with the exploits of a neighbour I call The Mason Jar Lady.

Half a Year With Spice

It’s been just over six months since the two of us, who had previously sworn off ever again succumbing to the charms of fur babies, threw caution to the wind and adopted Spice after I spotted him online at Animal Aide in St. Thomas. The other night I realized I didn’t know when our 11-year-old …

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Angelina’s Brave Choice

Gene testing is becoming more and more popular.  It’s as close to a medical crystal ball as science has ever come.  And for those who have done it, it’s literally life-changing.

Tim Bosma’s Last Day

This was not about a truck. People seem to have latched on to the truck as the point of the crime but that was early on and said by Tim’s wife when few facts were known. The truck was the method of abduction but the suspect in custody in the Tim Bosma disappearance case could …

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Girls, Guns and Gimmicks

What a world we’re living in.  Teenage girls by the hundreds are gathering in online groups to support Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in an attempt to get him freed. (Good luck with that, kids.)  As The New York Post reports, the Free Jahar (his nickname) movement includes writing the slogan on their flesh with magic marker …

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