Another Make-Work-for-me Project

Cutting the grass isn’t my favourite thing to do.  I use the push mower in the front while Derek rides the tractor version on the back. Sometimes I can get him to take pity on me and run the tractor around the front, too.  Still, we’re left with bunches of weeds or grass that doesn’t get cut along the garden and fence.  And I dislike whipper-snipping more than grass cutting.  It occurred to me that there had to be a better way.

A couple of summers ago I dug in some garden edging, nothing fancy, just little fence-like pieces that clicked together to create a definite edge to the garden that runs all along the front of our house.  But you can’t get next to it unless you use a trimmer and as I’ve already mentioned, it’s not my favourite thing to do.  So it hit me – create an edge that’s level to the ground, or close. Anything I could find that was made for that purpose cost about $10 per foot and looked like what it was: fake rock.  So I decided to use real bricks.  Last Saturday we went brick shopping and not only was I excited to go, it was my idea.  Who would have thought?

90 bricks stacked on a grey contractor's cart at Rona

Bricks and other patio and paving stones were on sale at Rona.  These 8″ grey beauties were 49 cents each and the way I know that was a great deal is because we also stopped at a landscape supply place to get some stone to go around a tree and the guy was very interested in whether there were any more bricks available.

On Sunday I started digging them in around the garden and squaring it off where I could as I went.  I’m about half done and itching to get back to it because it’s working so well.  Next time I cut the grass I’ll be able to run the left wheels along those bricks and make a nice, clean cut on the edge of the garden.  Hey, it’s not as if I invented the toaster but it’s going to make my world a little easier!

long view of the garden with a grey brick border

Now all I need is the time to get it finished and the energy to want to do it!

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