Month: December 2013

Food News – Not for the Squeamish

When you get to the point of this post you are not going to believe it.  You are going to think that I was somehow duped into accepting the wildest most ridiculous rumour and that I haven’t checked it out thoroughly.  You will be wrong. 

A Pope for All of the People

Time Magazine named Pope Francis its Person of the Year for 2013 and it was a richly deserved distinction. I’m not Catholic and I’m not likely to praise anyone who’s steeped in religious dogma but this man is more than just a Pope. He’s a humanitarian in a true sense of the word.  

The Gift of Imagination

I received many wonderful things this Christmas but I’m most excited about a bunch of little plastic pots in cardboard carriers. 


For the fifth straight year, “whatever” has been selected as the most annoying word. Pollsters at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY, conduct this research every year. I don’t, like, know how like isn’t, like, on top but it’s second-most annoying.  

Back to School

I’ve been surrounded by students lately! It’s intern-mania in London radio newsrooms right now. I’m impressed by the calibre of talent coming out of Fanshawe College. And now I’ve been offered the chance to help it grow. 

The News in Brief

Well bravo to China for sending a spacecraft up to the moon. They know we’ve already been there, right? 

Petal Pushers

It appears the floral industry, or at least part of it, has fallen victim to the same flawed perception that sends beautiful women to plastic surgeons: nature just isn’t pretty enough. 

Trees for Cars and A Hand Up

Imagine a homeless man you see on your walk to work every day.  He doesn’t seem out of it, like he’s on drugs or anything. He’s just a guy whose luck ran out one day and he found himself on the street. 

Brandt’s Randt: Stupid Dumb Idiotic Policy

I just can’t believe that someone in charge of the welfare of children was dumb enough to think that an asthmatic child’s inhaler should be put under lock and key.  But that’s what happened last year at a Staffordville school and a student paid for it with his life.  So I randt. 

Unexpected Direction

You have to be from Mars to have escaped hearing about a boy group called One Direction.  They’re the biggest thing since whoever was the biggest thing since the Backstreet Boys. 

So Long, Tony the Tiger

Kellogg’s is closing its London plant after 90 years, blaming low cereal sales. More than 500 full-time workers, including one of our dearest friends, will be out of work. They made 27 cereals and the aroma around the factory has been a wonderful part of driving down Dundas St. East. It’s like driving through a …

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Roll, Baby, Roll!

On Saturday night we went to a live roller derby game. You heard me! Roller derby is back, and it’s more popular than we knew.