Month: February 2014

My Meatless Past – July 8, 2008

I love seafood. Heck, I love a lot of foods. And I truly enjoyed the fresh lobster we ate while on the east coast but I’ve got to admit that I really don’t like having anything with eyes on my plate. 

It’s Flashback Week!

This week I’m bringing back some of my early posts from this blog. I’ve been moving some to a new overflow site on Weebly and while rereading them a few cried out for revival! So please indulge me while I go retro this week, which is also Reading Week for my students at Fanshawe. Comments …

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Embrace Your Mistakes

You get to a point in your career where you think you’ve made all of the big boo-boos you’re going to make.  I expect to continue to make mistakes, but not like the legendary error I made on Friday.

Update – Joe the Cat

The suspect in the pellet gun shooting of Joe the cat appeared in Sarnia court this week. My original story about Joe is posted here. 

Brandt’s Randt – Vacation Envy

From a colleague’s complaints about having to pack to an acquaintance’s whines about missing one afternoon of sunshine out of seven, I’ve had it with vacationers who have negative stories to tell about getting away from this horrible winter.  Please tell me you had a great time, show me photos, give me highlights but don’t …

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Out of the Loop

Back in the day, you know, the 70s in my case, when a TV show was a hit it was a hit with virtually everyone. Heck, we only had 3 channels so if you were watching TV at all, you couldn’t help but catch a popular show. 

Meet Joe

The story of Joe has captured the hearts of animal lovers in southwestern Ontario.  Some dirtbag shot the sweet little kitty with a pellet gun and he was found on the side of a road near death with 17 pellets in his head.  

Old Tyme Radio

Derek had the shell of an old radio. We have a couple of intact ones upstairs but this one was in no shape for a prominent display area. It was missing chunks of veneer, the speaker cloth – not to mention a speaker – and a piece of one corner of the footing was broken …

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Hallmark Holiday

Call Valentine’s Day what you will but I think anything that spreads a little more love in the world isn’t a bad thing. 

Cookie the Baby Penguin

Although I’m sad that I will probably never get to befriend a baby penguin much less tickle one, I’m happy that someone gets to experience it. 

Lifetime Error #6,549

I knew better, I really did. But I bought the glue-on temporary nails anyway. “They could really mess up my real nails”, I thought.  But then something overrode that concern and I made the purchase.