Putting Susan to Work

Hubby’s self-made sandwiches and wraps have a little more zing lately. And it’s all because of a simple fix for our fridge. 

I don’t know if this is a guy thing, or a my-guy thing, but hubby has trouble finding things in the refrigerator. It’s as if it’s not his domain, which isn’t true, but moving stuff around to find the soy sauce or red pepper jelly doesn’t seem to be in his DNA. So, he either doesn’t look or just assumes we’re out of something he wants. Meanwhile, a jar of baby beets turns to stone at the back of a shelf.

Enter Lazy Susan. Sure, she takes up an entire shelf but she simplifies finding stuff.

wooden lazy susan takes up the whole fridge shelf and is loaded with jars of sauces, mayo, salsa etc.This isn’t revolutionary. Perhaps some newer fridges come with this concept already built-in. But boy oh boy, it has made a difference in the number of times I’ve heard, “I can’t find the ….”, which are now down to almost nothing!

I have a little susan in a corner cupboard for spices and such. Good ol’ Sue. After all of these years, you can still count on her to be anything but lazy.

2 thoughts on “Putting Susan to Work”

  1. Navigating a refrigerator for guys, is like navigating a workshop/garage for women. Neither can find what they’re seeking in the other’s domain while they can quickly retrieve anything you seek in their domain. Just one of those facts of life.

    1. I don’t know about that Allan. When Derek’s tools are put back, I can find anything I need. And I don’t think the kitchen is my domain. I know some households where the husband does all of the cooking. So then, will the wife find it hard to find things? Not if she makes herself a sandwich once in a while.

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