Month: December 2016

Merry Christmas To All…

The headphones from Erin were hung on the palm. Everything’s bright, and everything’s calm. For family and friends, and blog readers here. Merry Christmas to all, and we’ll see you next year!  

Why I’m Quitting

Since joining a few years ago, I’ve been its champion. I have the greatest respect for homegrown founders, Stephanie and David Ciccarelli and the company has grown dramatically. But I’m not going to renew with them as a voice actor when my membership expires in January. Since I’ve been so public about my support for …

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Erin Davis’ Last CHFI Show

Honestly, I’m lost for words. But I do need to humble-brag for a moment and say that I predicted this day, aloud, to Erin and Rob some time ago, when they were in no frame of mind to hear it, really. 

Everyone’s A Critic

Broadcasters are a different breed of people. You could say that about any profession, I suppose, like lion tamers or accountants. But living in a local fishbowl has some challenges that we don’t tend to talk about in mixed company. 

Go Fund Yourself

How did Go Fund Me and other crowd-funding websites become about securing some extra cash from strangers? They used to have legitimate reasons such as raising money for non-profit ventures. Then some guy crowdfunded his potato salad as a joke and people gave him $50,000. Now you can start a fund for just about anything.

The Giving Season

I love to help with fundraisers but I could never be a professional fundraiser. For that reason, I expect to maintain my amateur status. 


I can’t count how many times I’ve forgotten what I wore to work earlier in the week. Or the day before. Or earlier that same day. Sometimes I have to check the laundry basket to confirm it. It’s partly because of chronic fatigue. I could organize my closet in such a way that my outfits …

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Quirky Convos

We’ve all taken a coffee from a barista and when they’ve said, “Enjoy your coffee”, responded with, “you too!” If not that exact scenario, there’s probably been an occasion when something similar happened. You feel like an idiot. But we all do it.