Month: January 2017

Tidying Magic

A book about reducing the amount of stuff in the home has spun my head around on its axis. Me, the anti-clutter nut of all nuts. If I were a Friends character, I’d be fastidious Monica. Still, this book changed my view of stuff and clutter forever. 

Hairy Holder

My blowdryer and hair-straightener bug me. When not in use, they just lay there on my bathroom counter, cords tangling and getting caught in a drawer and a cupboard door. They easily slide off the countertop onto the floor, or worse, one of my tender toes. 

REVISED – Droning On

Somehow, in the midst of preparations for one of my favourite days of the year, I also forgot about it! Bell Let’s Talk Day dominates my work life on a Bell/CTV radio station, but I overlooked mentioning it here for some reason. As I was arranging interviews and input from Michael Landsberg, Bob Ezrin, Dr. …

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Sketchy Giveaways

Four framed sketches of well-known places in London, rescued from a junk pile when CFPL moved from the Free Press building to City Centre many years ago, recently came off my studio/office wall and had no place else to go. They’re not signed, which is unfortunate, because they’re beautifully drawn. 

Putting the Con in Conway

Two words uttered by the Counselor to the President on the weekend scared the heck out of me. “Alternative facts”. That’s what people who deny evolution rely on. The Flat-Earth Society. Those who think the missions to the moon were shot on a soundstage in the Nevada desert. Late Democratic Senator Patrick Moynihan said, “Everyone is …

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Torn on Trump

As the 45th President of the US is sworn in today, the oldest first-timer at that, I’m really split on how to feel about it. Part of me wants to take a wait-and-see attitude. After all, there’s a sentiment that says, the electorate never gets it wrong. 

A Cash-ionary Tale

Everyone in our neighbourhood has been watching a major renovation to a home on our street. It looked like it was going to be beautiful. We may have been more interested than most onlookers because part of the project involved dismantling an ugly, dated sunroom – much like ours. A new porch went up in its …

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Easier Face-Warshing

I’ve probably tried all of the face-cleaning products at one time or another. And I’m a strange duck about it. I dislike getting my hairline wet because I have a little cowlick that bunches a clump of my hair up in to a crazy-straw when it get gets wet or steamed. I’ve used those pre-moistened …

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Blue Monday

This is it. It’s the third Monday in January, the day of the year when our emotions hit rock bottom and we’re at our most depressed. The idea is that the holidays are over and the flurry of activity suddenly stops. Christmas bills start coming in. It’s cold and the sun doesn’t want to show …

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DIY Book Decor – Published in The Londoner

A DIY Gift for Book Lovers Dec 19/16 We are a nation of book-lovers. For many people, a couple of shelves full of beloved books provide comfort and make us feel at home. Even though we’ve embraced E-readers, there’s still nothing like cracking the spine of a brand new book.

Sad Sinking Sears

Soon, Sears points will be offered on a carton of eggs and a block of cheese. The struggling retailer is getting into the already crowded grocery game. It’s an admitted act of sheer desperation to save Sears but they don’t have a product problem, they have a marketing problem. 

One of Byron’s Hidden Talents

The January edition of the Byron Villager features an article on my hubby’s workshop pursuits. It’s drawn a lot of reaction, from people taking down old homes offering him a walk-through to salvage what he wants, to those ordering custom furnishings and lamps.  

Writing Group 2017

For much of the latter half of 2016, I’ve been trying to write a novel. No, that’s not true. I started a novel, and then didn’t get back to it until the year was almost over. After writing four books, I know the secret to writing a book: there is no secret. You have to …

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