Throwback Thursday – Hit Radio Days

Last week, we had lunch with a former radio colleague I hadn’t seen in (gulp) more than thirty years.

Mitch O’Connor, Derek and I all met in the mid-80s at CKSL in London, which you may recall, morphed into Funny 1410 and was powered down forever a few years ago when Bell Media balked at the cost of repairing its transmitter.

Mitch is as awesome and funny as ever. Like many of us, he has been through the pepper-mill of radio and has a million tales to tell. He and Derek worked together again over the years but my path and Mitch’s never crossed again except on Facebook.

So here’s where we are today. We all live in basically the same part of the province. And Corey Hart is back on a major concert tour. Which brings to mind the mid-80s when Hart was a superstar and we were all essentially children, living our dreams in the land of Top 40 radio. It feels like a dream, now.

A bunch of us together with Corey Hart backstage at his concert
CKSL backstage with the hottest singer of the moment: Matt Drake, Mitch O’Connor, Nancy Matheson, Corey Hart, me, Derek Aubrey.

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