Aliens and Flat Earth

Post from the Flat Earth Society reads: The FES has members around the globe. A response from reads "say that again, but slowly".

We have almost finished recording and producing the 20-hour audiobook on alien sightings and conversations. I wasn’t aware that the author to whom I’m giving voice was quite famous in her field.

Delores Cannon was a hypnotherapist specializing in past-life regression. She fell into alien investigations and became a best-selling author who rounded the globe as a lecturer. She was beloved, and died in 2014. I’m reading her words and re-enacting her interviews. It’s fun and fascinating, if not my personal cup of tea. But I feel a responsibility to treat her work with respect because she did.

And speaking of going around the globe, we watched the Netflix documentary, Behind the Curve, about flat-earthers and why they believe the planet is a disc, not a globe. They also believe there’s a dome over the disc, like the cover on a cake pedestal, with our planet being the cake. They think NASA and world governments are involved in a massive, multi-century cover-up of the truth about the earth. No one really explains why. It’s conspiracy theory 101: believe it and only trust the evidence that supports it.

Last year, I wrote about wanting to interview a flat-earther. Now I no longer have that desire. It’s clear that they’ve got nothing but mistrust for authority and science. Astrophysicists, astronaut Scott Kelly, and others who commented in the film were mostly kind and compassionate. They didn’t mock the flat earth believers. Rather, they cautioned us all to not ostracize them. Too late. Many said their families had disowned them. And there’s dissension in the flat ranks with lots of infighting and accusations that some are CIA operatives. It’s all very juvenile, like their knowledge of science.

If the earth is flat, why has no one visited the edge? Or fallen off? Taken a photo?!!

Scientists are the only people who set out to disprove what they believe they discovered. In the doc, the flat earthers get an experiment’s result that clearly shows there’s a curve to the earth and they all discount it. It’s really a remarkable study of a certain kind of person. How you define that certain person isn’t for me to say for sure. They appear to be scared of a lack of order in the world and that things can’t always be readily explained. And they seem to eat a lot of cake from under clear, domed covers.

Flat earth. Aliens. A bearded man on a cloud! Take your pick. Believe what you like. It makes no difference to me. Just don’t tell me the earth is flat and expect me to take your word over someone who’s been up to the International Space Station and sent squillions of photos back to us. Oh, and while we’re at it, planes did hit the twin towers and they collapsed because of it. (Flat earthers love that conspiracy theory too!)

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