Miss Sugar’s Final Moving Diary

Not to worry, my beloved treat dispensers. This doesn’t mean I’m giving up on my blog posts. It just means that, so I’m told, this is my last entry before a move that I’m led to believe will possibly be the last one for some time. Maybe. It’s hoped!

My humans won’t go so far as to make a promise, so I’ll have to take what I can get. But, let me assure you, I am not going back into that carrying crate without making a fuss!

Miss Sugar lying on her collapsed felt bed. Behind her is her basket of toys and brushes and her scratching post that looks like a long toilet brush head in a U shape with both ends affixed to a wooden stand.
Step away from my things, humans!

When it became clear that they aimed to pack up my personal treasures, I took a stand. Actually, it was a lie-down. But I took it! And I voiced my displeasure as loudly as any soprano at the Metropolitan Opera.

Father spoke to someone called a lawyer and much printing of paper followed. I tried my best to hide the aforementioned documents but my father somehow saw through my scheme. It’s a downside of our deep, emotional connection. He seems to be able to sense what I am thinking despite my innate ability to hide evidence.

Miss Sugar lying on freshly printed papers on the floor below the printer.

Just one day ago, I was in my happiest place, next to Father, skin to fur, watching the hilarious antics of Bill Hader and Stephen Root in Barry. Now, I’m watching my entire pantry of food getting stacked into a box and I’m filled with uncertainty. Are we going to travel as far as Wallaceburg again? Will there be dogs, squirrels, birds or unfamiliar humans? No one answers my questions, although I continue to ask them at a volume normally reserved for jet engines and concerts by The Who.

Miss Sugar lying on Derek's fingers on a leather couch, with her paws up under her face, looking at the camera.

Can you believe it! Are we nomads? Have I unwittingly joined the circus? Or, perhaps, a family that cannot make up its mind? It’s madness!

However, when I look back over the days of my life, I must admit that the loyalty of these two humans is beyond anything else I’ve known. They’re nitwits, but they’re my nitwits. And it’s not like I have options. I can’t reach the elevator buttons and I don’t know where to catch a bus.

Well, my dear fur-magnets, I must push off for another week. Chaos is about to ensue. I don’t know where we are going, but I’m sure we’ll get there together. I will return next week with a new title on a new day. Tuesday Sweets From Miss Sugar. What do you think? Sugar – sweet – my disposition and my name are the same. Until then, don’t hold back your affection. You never know whose day you’ll improve with a good, long petting.

Your furever feline,

Miss Sugar

4 thoughts on “Miss Sugar’s Final Moving Diary”

  1. Good luck, Miss Sugar. Try to be patient with your nitwits – wits get even nittier when a move is involved. Wherever you land, there will be cuddles and treats plus LOTS of moving paper to hide in/lie upon. Then you will all be really, truly HOME!

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