Flashback Tuesday

Card given out at Jodi's visitation has a photo of her, a microphone and small photos of her favourite things along the bottom - The Queen, Keith Urban, Rod Stewart and one of her dogs, a husky.

Today, and for the rest of this week, I’m going into reruns, in order to free my mind and soul (and fingers and knees!) for the task ahead of settling into our new/old home. If all goes as planned, as you read this we are watching the unloading of our first shipping container of possessions. So, please indulge me as I share my most-read posts from the last few years.

I’ve never written a blog post out of concern about how many people will read it. So, when I saw how many thousands of visitors read my tribute to my wonderful friend and colleague Jodi Taylor, I was floored. And then my heart warmed at the responsibility of explaining this delightful woman to so many people who never knew her, and others who knew her well and loved her too. Jodi died suddenly of a heart attack in August 2018. I think of her every, single day. She gives me motivation. Her sweetness and thoughtfulness propel me to do things I might otherwise think were too risky to my ego or heart. And I miss her terribly.

Post: Saying Goodbye When You Haven’t Said Goodbye

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