Come On Get Happy

Upon long and careful reflection, mostly attained during frequent naps, I have figured out the secret to happiness. Actually, my little Furminators, there isn’t just one secret. There are a few of them. But they all centre on the same basic principle: think about others instead of just yourself.

Miss Sugar's front half is in frame as she stretches out on a blue tartan fleece throw.

I took some time to ruminate about the implications of my post last week. I love my humans more than anything except belly rubs and when they’re away, I wish they were home. So why was I feeling so irritated by their constant presence? Yes, Miss Sugar does indulge in self-analysis, deep thought and frequent references to herself in the third person.

Overhearing, as I have no choice but to do, several conversations between Mother and/or Father into the small, black rectangles: A theme emerged. Either they were asking after the welfare of someone in the rectangle, or the rectangle was asking about them. Afterward, they looked happy! They talked about those people again and smiled more. So, I have come to the conclusion that perhaps happiness comes from concentrating my hopes for continued good health on those fellow four-legged souls I’ve known.

Nacho the blond dog, sitting in the bottom right corner of the photo, looking at a stand of trees. A river flows beyond the trees.

First to come to mind was Nacho, my canine cousin in St. Catharines. Although she is, indeed, a filthy dog, she is also the closest thing I have to an animal friend, along with Willow, my other filthy dog cousin who lives in Melbourne, ON. Nacho’s story and rescue by my uncle Kevin soften my perspective on her lot as part of an unfortunate species. Mother’s inquiries about Nacho’s welfare brought this photo from Kevin’s back yard, where Nacho was sitting still, looking at something, distracted from wishing she had been born a cat. Upon closer inspection, Uncle Kevin found the subject of her interest.

A deer stands amid the trees. A yellow circle is drawn on the photo to make the deer easier to see.

A Bambi! The staring contest between Nacho and the blond Bambi continued for some time. Neither meant each other any harm. Not a discouraging word was exchanged. Perhaps Bambi thought Nacho was a deer, and Nacho thought Bambi was a tall, filthy dog. As mentally inferior creatures – to cats, to which all creatures compare unfavourably – who knows whether they were thinking at all? But their beauty is undeniable and it warms Miss Sugar’s heart to see these animals faring well during this time of social weirdness.

My heart also softened and my perspective reset when I concentrated on gratitude. I am grateful for the care and love of two human beans who consider me their equal. As their superior, I tolerate this adorable misinterpretation the way one smiles at a young child who points at a fish and calls it a puppy. They simply don’t know any better so what’s the point of feeling insulted?

Please, my little can rinsers, use your rectangle to reach out to those you love, be they filthy dogs or Bambis or human beans. And know that one of the things for which I’m grateful is your visit here, to my little catnip corner of the Interwebs. Stay well and safe and remember, Miss Sugar loves all creatures of the world: cats, and lesser beings as well.

With feathery affection dangling from a string,

Miss Sugar

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