The Professional Difference

Meme of cat holding a cellphone. Text: My cat would be shocked if she knew how many pictures of her I have on my phone

Dear reader, this kitty-cat would not be shocked if she were able to pick up the phones of her human beans! Someone always seems to be trying to capture the perfect portrait of yours truly. And then one day, someone finally did it.

You may recall that I was the recipient of a professional portrait session with Danielle Mahoney as part of my winning votes for the Humane Society of London and Middlesex 2021 calendar. It was so much fun! And my human beans just received their own portraits of me, as a gift from the Society and Danielle. No offense intended toward Mother’s or Father’s talents with their smartphones, but this pro shutterbug Danielle has it going on.

While I don’t want to diminish my obvious charms, I must credit Danielle for making me look my best. And – because I do enjoy taking part in the latest trends – I must confess that in each of these shots I am make-up free!

Sugar in a classic portrait pose, looking just above the camera.
Sugar on her side with her paws crossed, looking directly into the camera.
Miss Sugar in a relaxed pose, looking directly into the camera.

I feel so blessed to have had my true essence captured! Danielle is patient and delightful to work with. I’m sure she would be the same whether photographing human beans, filthy dogs or any other creatures. You’ll see more of her handiwork in the calendar, when it becomes available this fall.

And please, dear friends, if you have any room in your home and your heart for one of the homeless pets at the shelter, look them up? We are diamonds in the rough! I speak from experience. Perhaps I looked pitiful in the cage but my personality expanded to fill the home to which I was brought.

While they aren’t currently open for walk-in visits, you can peruse the animal profiles online. Think of them as an online matching program for furbabies and furever families. Visit their cats and kittens HERE. Thank you!

Until next time, my little bug trackers,

Your friend,

Miss Sugar

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