Bring on Beautifully Boring Biden

The US election hasn’t been formally decided yet, but I’m just being hopeful.

What a mess. US politics has always been a mess but never quite like this. Well, that’s not entirely true – but the last time a narcissist claimed voter fraud before the votes were even counted, was in an American movie from 1941.

Screen shot of Citizen Kane in which one person holds up a newspaper mock-up for another. The headline reads: FRAUD AT POLLS!

In Citizen Kane, when the ruthless newspaper tycoon runs for office, the paper he owns prepares two possible headlines. The first, Kane Wins. The second, Fraud at Polls. Sound familiar?

I’ll never understand how so many Americans can either not see, or not care, that #45 is putting himself and his interests ahead of everything, including the country he claims to love so much. Every time he cries “unfair” or “fraud” it’s meant to undermine peoples’ faith in the process. Lies are lies, no matter who tells them and they should never be passed off as fact. Major media have let him largely get away with it. But things like this note from Twitter ahead of some of his tweets give me hope that he’ll soon get away with less.

Donald Trump's tweet about alleged Democrat fraud in ballot counting is preceded by a note placed by Twitter that reads: some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and might be misleading.

And even some of his biggest supporters are getting fed up:

People headline reads Trump Ally Chris Christie Slams President's Unfound Fraud Claim: "No Basis For It"

A couple of days before the US election, someone on Facebook wrote: “Stay in your lane, Canuck”, to a fellow Canadian’s comment. To them, I say, “it is our lane, too, fool”! The US is our next-door neighbour and our biggest trading partner. What happens there has an impact on us.

My own tweet reads: Woke up at 2 am and Election 2020 anxiety kept me awake. Don't try to tell Canadians that a US election isn't our business. The US is like our older brother who can't get his (poop emoji) together lately.

But if Biden becomes #46, it won’t mean everything’s going to be “great” again. Donald Trump didn’t create America’s great divide – he exposed it. He was also a master at controlling the narrative. Never has a US President put so much effort into vilifying his predecessor. Never has one so sleazy convinced so many that he’s their savior.

I believe in leading with kindness and giving people the benefit of the doubt. And I’ve listened to many MAGAs defend their President, trying desperately to understand how they came to their conclusions despite the glaring evidence before them. And I will tell you this.

I’m done.

I’m done being patient with conspiracy theorists and anyone who echoes Trumpian rhetoric. If they’ve gotten caught up in the spin of fake stories about the Clintons or George Soros or any of those proven lies, buh-bye.

And it’s not because they’re super Conservative and I’m more Liberal. It’s because they’re widening the gap between us all as humans. It cut me to the quick to see a video of a woman screaming in a store because she didn’t want to wear a mask like, “all you bleeping Democrats want me to”! A health issue has been politicized by the frickin’ President! It’s insane.

Recently I tweeted about carrying a reusable bag into a store, and carrying it back out, empty, after purchasing a plastic one. Some fool with an agenda (who doesn’t even follow me) posted an infographic about carbon emissions. It showed that creating a reusable bag was worse for the environment than a plastic one. That’s true but it’s only part of the story. As long as you reuse your reusable bag more than a dozen times, the difference is offset. Any number more than a dozen means you’re doing the planet service and keeping more than a dozen and counting plastic bags out of landfills.

The tweeter was, as many do, cherry-picking a fact. His aim: to make Justin Trudeau look stupid. Oh, did I mention that he came out swinging at me as a Trudeau lover? Because I tweeted about my own personal experience with a reusable bag!

Maybe this is part of being over 50 or being a new orphan, or just having less patience for what I know is wrong. That tweeter is wrong. Trump fans are wrong. Trump doesn’t care about regular Americans and he’s a stone-cold liar. There’s hard evidence of it from those in his inner circle. The documentary, Totally Under Control, should be a must-watch program for all Americans. Jared Kushner’s actions during the pandemic were beyond appalling but it goes all the way up to the top. After all,, it was #45 who put Kushner in so far over his head.

Another day, I hope there will be a Republican President who returns to the core of the party and leaves Trumpian rhetoric in the shredder where it belongs. Trump promised to be everyone’s President but he wasn’t. He catered to his fans. He ran the White House like a reality show. And Republicans who stood behind him need to answer for allowing one man’s selfishness and petulance to become mixed with the party line.

Politics is supposed to be boring. Joe Biden isn’t an exciting guy. You can picture him in hours-long meetings taking them very seriously and listening intently to experts. That’s what a leader should do. He’s not supposed to be the greatest ever, most favourite or perfect. He’s supposed to lead.

I hope everyone (except FOX News, of course) ignores Trump once he’s out, whether that’s in four weeks or four years. Some people want him put in prison. I’d be happy if he and his family would just shut their flapping pie holes and go back into their Trump Towers where they can all pretend to be billionaires again.

4 thoughts on “Bring on Beautifully Boring Biden”

  1. Americans like to claim that America is the greatest democracy in the world. Well if that’s true, I’ll gladly take the second-best democracy in the world. The US electoral system is an absolute joke of their own making. Each state has its own rules for voter eligibility; mail-in ballots; when ballots can be counted; the threshold for an automatic recount; policies that lean towards voter suppression ETC.

    When Trump leaves office, I know exactly what and where he should put his microphone! Unfortunately, he will still be the leader of the Republican party who still holds the senate, so gone but not forgotten.

  2. Hi Lisa….You have put into words all the feelings I have for the insane havoc caused by #45 over the last 4 years. It has been like watching a train wreck every day with hirings and firings and vilification of those who tried to oppose him almost every day. I yearn for a return of more boring political news……but it will take some Republicans to actually grow a spine to stand up to all the lies being spewed. And all those who re-elected that low life Lindsay Graham should be ashamed. He came out in support of #45…pledging half a million dollars to his legal campaign to fight the election results. Unreal!!

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