Miss Sugar Blogs: It’s Here!

I’m so excited I nearly forgot to throw up a hairball on the comforter this morning. The Humane Society of London & Middlesex 2021 calendar is out and on sale, featuring your bewitching blogger as Ms. February.

Can you see me? I attempted to draw subtle attention to my pic.

Snipped collage from the humane society page about the calendar explains what it's for, how it was created and how to buy and shows thumbnail shots of the calendar images. Miss Sugar's has a bright red circle around it and three big red arrows pointing toward her.

Being the only cat representative alongside 11 filthy dogs is a huge honour and an awesome responsibility. If you missed it, the story of my spectacular calendar photo shoot with delightful Danielle is HERE.

I must admit that the canine models also raised much-needed cash for HSLM, so I assume they’re not all bad. Please keep it between us, but some of those pooches – okay all of them – are rather adorable in their own special ways. However, I suspect it will be February in our house all year long in 2021! I DARE my human beans to turn the page away from my adorable visage!

I know what you’re thinking: How do I, a mere person, get my mitts on one of these precious calendars? These works of priceless art that raise money for homeless pets of all descriptions? It’s easy, my dears. Just visit this link with a credit card at the ready: HSLM calendars. You can even send one to someone as a gift. What a thoughtful and generous person you are! I expect a tractor-trailer to pull up to the house at any moment now to unload the crates of calendars that my people no doubt purchased.

Perhaps you can’t adopt a purrfect pet of your own. Miss Sugar understands that not everyone has the time, space, resources, or what have you to give a homeless critter the furever home it needs. But maybe you could take a paws for the cause and purchase one of these delightful calendars? We former shelter residents thank you from the bottom of our footpads.

Now I can finally add another title to my page on Licked In – the kitty version of Linked In: professional model! If you need me, I’ll be napping beside Mother’s smartphone, waiting for the offers to come rolling in.

Until next time, my little bird watchers,

I remain your friend,

Miss Sugar

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