Don’t Flatter Me

Greetings, my little hairball makers, it is I, your fave fabled feline, here to enter-tame you once again!

Mother loves me, I know she does. But there is one position I regularly assume that prompts her to call me a “weirdo”. This is it. Tell me, does this stance make me look fat?

Miss Sugar looking content, caught mid-scratch with her hind paw in the air
They call this one The Ballerina.

It happens regularly when my attention is roused whilst in mid-groom. I will sit like this for minutes while my human beans giggle.

This one’s The Old Man Crouch.

They say it’s unflattering. Oh yeah? I’ll show you unflattering.

Our friends at Bored Panda gathered winners of the “unflattering cat challenge” posted on the Twitter. They are hilarious and by comparison, I look like royalty. All I need is a crown and to be declared omnipotent.

“Off with their heads!”

Please view the funny photos of cats that look truly unflattering by clicking HERE. The website is safe, I assure you, and the photos must be seen! If only to restore my reputation as a classy cat. And perhaps give you a few moments of delightful distraction from today’s worrisome US Election. Yes, even cats can’t escape the ugliness of American politics.

Please keep your kitty queries coming for another upcoming installment of Miss Sugar’s Mailbag. Until next time, my sweet treat crunchers, I remain your friend,

Miss Sugar

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