Road Trip!

Hey there, thanks for visiting!

We are heading to Newfoundland and parts east for some exploration, some family time, and a much-needed change of scenery. This blog will return when we do, in mid-June.

You may be concerned that I’ve made this public. Well, our house will be busy and occupied with live-in house and cat sitters. They’re not hard to find when you live at the lake!

Thanks for understanding my absence and I’ll look forward to sharing stories with you when we get back.


2 thoughts on “Road Trip!”

  1. Enjoy your time in Newfoundland. I will look forward to hearing about your travels and your many, many laughs when you return.


  2. Enjoy your time in Newfoundland. We travelled there last September to visit our London-born Maritimer. I can’t wait to go back!
    And you are right about the dog/cat/house sitter. I have a permanent one in my home, in her glory petting the animals of friends and neighbours and clients.

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