Gorilla versus Bull

Applying pieces of acoustic foam in my recording booth has been a challenge. Carpet tape didn’t work. Sticky squares that come off cleanly later on also weren’t strong enough to hold the foam overhead. Erin Davis and her husband/producer/sound engineer Rob suggested spray adhesive, so Derek picked up a couple of cans of it for me – Gorilla and Elmer’s.

Review: Miss Marley

Just before Christmas, a companion novella to Dickens’ A Christmas Carol was released. Miss Marley: A Christmas ghost story – a prequel to A Christmas Carol by historical fiction writer Vanessa LaFaye tells her imagined history of Scrooge’s business partner, Jacob Marley. That on its own would be enough. But there are more layers to the tale and how it came to be.

Book Review: Collusion

Don’t mistake this book for being like all of the others about the Trump administration. Collusion was written by a journalist with rock-solid credentials including more than a decade embedded in Russia. Luke Harding has sources who go on the record and are legitimized in several other ways. He shares specifics about the US President’s deep financial ties to Moscow, Putin and Deutsche Bank – a bank with a history of fraud and deception.   …