Cover of Scrappy Cooking. Carleigh is tossing an apple into the air, wearing a green jacket in front of a lighter green background with all sorts of fresh food in front of her.

Discovering True Scrappiness in a Best-Selling Book

Have you ever known someone who became famous? I mean, really famous. Ten million social media followers and appearances on major TV shows like Good Morning America famous? Having their face on a New York city billboard famous? While I’m stretching the definition of the verb “know”, I recently discovered someone’s a self-made sensation.

A Lightbulb Moment

You can buy the same microwave as ours at a zillion Canadian retailers. It’s a Samsung over-the-range unit. Reasonably priced. It has all of the doodads you want in a microwave including a turntable and popular settings. It’s all good, right?  …

Judging a Book

One thing I’ve never been called, is a best-selling author! I have written four books and they’ve all had varying degrees of minor success. My most popular book, The Naked Truth, continues to sell a few dozen copies each month. Every author dreams of best-seller status, but a book marketer in Texas decided to expose the notion of what that means these days.  …

Comfort Level

My radio cohost Mike has a theory. He believes that everyone gets to a point in life where they decide whether they will be a consumer or a minimalist. They either start accumulating things like toys and stuff or eschew those things. I guess I fall into the minimalist category.  …