Close-up of Kendra smiling. She has long blond hair and is wearing pink

A Late-Runner Embraces the Early Side of Life

Please meet our friend Kendra. She and her husband Tim live in Arkansas and we’ve been to see them exactly once. (Derek’s been there a few times on motorcycle trips with buddies.) I won’t share her life story here, because it’s not mine to tell. But let me assure you that she has overcome a lot of major obstacles in her life. So has Tim, for that matter.

artsy shot of half a wall clock

The Real Enemy of Time

While opposition to Daylight Saving Time grows, I present to you an argument for sticking with it. When you think about it, DST isn’t the enemy. It improves on Standard Time. So, having sprung forward, let’s just stay where we are now and be done with it.

artsy shot of half a wall clock

Time: My Enemy, My Friend

The clocks fell back this weekend and we ostensibly acquired another hour of time. The cliche is that we gain “another hour of sleep” but a Michigan State University study reveals that we only gain twelve minutes of sleep. And when we spring forward we lose about forty minutes. The math just doesn’t work once there’s human intervention. …

Why Time Flies

Here we are, the end of June, and that happened in a blink, didn’t it? The speed with which life throws itself behind us as we get older, has irked me for years. So I went to Mr. Google and read the research of scholars and psychology experts linked to respected schools and organizations.  …

Then and Now

Dr. Seuss once said, “Don’t be sorry that it’s over. Be glad that it happened.”  That’s how I remind myself to feel about my time at 680 News when another year passes since I left, and I feel wistful about leaving a job and a work family I loved so much.  …

It’s Happening Again

The back-to-school flyers are arriving in the mail.  The dollar stores have several aisles filled with Halloween merchandise.  Someone put their big, fat finger on the fast-forward button of life again and I want to have a serious word with them.  …