Month: June 2009

My Pig, My Farm

You know the saying, “Not my pig, not my farm”?  It’s used when it’s better to mind one’s own business because whatever’s going on isn’t your concern.  But I’ve heard about some prime examples of getting involved in someone else’s farm and making a difference…to their pig! 

Too Many Tasks

I know I’ve taken on too much when on a precious Sunday – a “free” day – I just feel the need to stay home and catch up on chores.

Black and White Issues

I felt a bit hard-hearted over a couple of my reactions to news items yesterday but they’re how I genuinely feel.  People are fallible and they make mistakes but they have to accept responsibility or they’re living in dream worlds.

They Go in Threes

Those of us with a sense of the macabre developed as a shield to survive the cold environs of a radio newsroom wondered yesterday, who would be next?

The Eve of the Era of Adam

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert is planning a fall debut album.  But a company he did some earlier pre-Idol recording for, now says it will release those songs as Lambert’s first album in the summer and Adam is freaking out, to put it mildly.  It’s the same as if a sleazy photographer came forward with …

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Oil and Me

One of the aspects about motorcycle ownership that one must know a bit about is bike maintenance.

Movie Madness

“We are now no longer the knights who say “Ni”!” 

The Beauty Shot

The truth takes another step back with a new camera made by Samsung. 

An Ugly Split

I’ve never understood how anyone could want to destroy someone they were once married to.  By the same token, I’ve never really understood how they can stay close friends, either, but that’s a blog for another day.

A Silly Sorry

Federal Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt was forced, some say by the Prime Minister’s Office, to say she was sorry for calling the scarcity of medical isotopes a “sexy” situation for her ministry.  What a load of hooey.  I don’t think she had anything to apologize for.

Alive and Kicking

The CRTC has released final 2008 revenue figures for Canadian commercial radio and those who say the genre is dead or dying can suck on this for a while!