Month: August 2009

For What It’s Worth

Are you a haggler?  I’ve never been good at it.  If something is priced higher than I think it’s worth, I’d just as soon walk away.  If a price is fair and I want the item, I’ll just go ahead and get it.  But that’s not the way some people operate.

Critical Mass

The London Free Press printed a rather passionate letter to the editor this week that criticized my recent House Proud column as being “offensive” and other strongly worded language.  The column concerned asking a man to help with the household chores and it was based on my experience at home, published with the express consent …

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Rainy Day People

I’m as sick of this weather as anyone.  You can’t ride.  You can’t work outside.  We got drenched when the sky opened up last night during the short jaunt from the train tracks (where we had been stopped for a freight train) and the lot we parked in while taking in the Knights/Zug game at …

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Lipstick On A Pig

At least one broadcasting news hub is sending out emails and tweets calling the firing of 12 staff from CFRB in Toronto, “layoffs”.  The Toronto Star has also spun it that way. Don’t be fooled by this serious error.

An Ideal Woman

Check out this article from the New York Post and then come back, ok?  I’ll wait right here! 

Wardrobe Amnesia

Back when I was waking up at the crack of stupid I put this phenomenon down to a lack of sleep.  But even though I’m getting better rest and living along with most of the rest of the world, I still have it: A difficult time remembering what I’ve recently worn!

An A-Fair to Remember

I’m doubling up on blogs again today!  I am still smiling over our weekend activities so, it’s appropriate, I think.

Something Completely Different

Today, for 3/5ths of my show, I’ll be broadcasting live from the John Labatt Centre during the London Knight’s last full practise before the Euro-Can Cup gets underway with game one tomorrow night.  Some of these guys are current Knights.  Some play in the NHL now and are coming back to support their old team.  …

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Up From The Farm

We recently dropped by the Farmer’s Market at the Western Fair.  The only reason we hadn’t been to it before, is because we didn’t know it existed and that’s apparently a common thing in this area.

Ikea, I Miss You!

The only thing this part of the province is missing, whose addition would make it an absolutely perfect place to live, is an Ikea.

Not Mad About Mad Men

Mad Men is one of the breakout hits of the last couple of television seasons.  Last night’s premiere of Season Three drew a record audience for the show. 

Biz Monday – The London Free Press

Today I invite you to click over to the Free Press website where my Biz Monday feature on seniors services runs today!  It concerns helping seniors stay comfortably and safely in their own homes.

Boating and Me

I’ve never been much of a boater.  I’ve swallowed a lot of lake water over the years and boating, to me, has either meant speeding on someone’s silly-fast machine with a frightened perma-grin on my face or paddling a canoe a few dozen metres before turning around and paddling it back. I’ve had some experiences …

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On our way back from a little trip out of the city last night, we talked at some length about appropriate and inappropriate words to use on the air.