Month: June 2011

A Bad News Day

When the third wave of alerts about a York Region police officer came to my iPhone, before I opened them I looked at my phone and said out loud, “not dead, not dead, not dead.”

Really Big Scoop…of Me.

A Toronto Sun columnist made some comments on the weekend about the use of the word “exclusive” by media and the 24-hour-news channels’ purported penchant for claiming they’ve broken stories that were already cracked by someone else. 


We are just back from Sharon, Ontario, for what started out as a small family get-together but grew into The Rolling Stones playing for the entire town.

Media Musings

I’m no genius. I’ve made mistakes and will likely make a few more.  But there are a few fundamentals about the news business that too often get forgotten in this era of budget restraint and I find it deeply disappointing.   

Twinkle Toes

Some women don’t enjoy going to day spas or getting massages, manicures and pedicures.  I’m not one of those women. 

No More Trouble

Why we’re only now hearing that billionaire hotel magnate Leona Helmsley’s pampered pooch, Trouble, died in December, is a bit of a mystery.  Back when the Queen of Mean died in 2007, $12 million of her vast fortune was set aside for the care of Trouble, her beloved Maltese.

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