Month: June 2011

A Bad News Day

When the third wave of alerts about a York Region police officer came to my iPhone, before I opened them I looked at my phone and said out loud, “not dead, not dead, not dead.”

Curried Canadian

A few weeks ago my former colleague at Corus Radio, Blair Henatyzen, moved to Bangalore, India.

Really Big Scoop…of Me.

A Toronto Sun columnist made some comments on the weekend about the use of the word “exclusive” by media and the 24-hour-news channels’ purported penchant for claiming they’ve broken stories that were already cracked by someone else. 


We are just back from Sharon, Ontario, for what started out as a small family get-together but grew into The Rolling Stones playing for the entire town.

Media Musings

I’m no genius. I’ve made mistakes and will likely make a few more.  But there are a few fundamentals about the news business that too often get forgotten in this era of budget restraint and I find it deeply disappointing.   

Twinkle Toes

Some women don’t enjoy going to day spas or getting massages, manicures and pedicures.  I’m not one of those women. 

Going Soft

98.1 Free-FM is in pre-launch ahead of our soft launch which will precede our actual launch! 

Betty Rules!

Who would know better than Betty?  From Letterman’s Late Show, here are Betty White’s tips for a long and happy life!

No More Trouble

Why we’re only now hearing that billionaire hotel magnate Leona Helmsley’s pampered pooch, Trouble, died in December, is a bit of a mystery.  Back when the Queen of Mean died in 2007, $12 million of her vast fortune was set aside for the care of Trouble, her beloved Maltese.