Month: November 2012

Be a Santa

It seems like everybody is asking for our help this time of year.  I swear, if someone created a heartfelt ad about helping homeless leprechauns at Christmas I’d feel a tug on my heart and start gathering…whatever it is that those little mythical creatures need most. I’m a very easy mark and I don’t necessarily …

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Not Exactly April Fresh

Experts are now saying our attempt to use less hot water means bacteria are clinging to the inside of our washing machines and our clothes.

Potato-Potato Gets a Friend

Our motorcycle-riding tiger, Potato-Potato, made his third appearance at the Hyde Park Santa Claus Parade on Saturday.  It was windy and crisp with a fresh dusting of snow on the ground and the turnout was bigger than ever.  

Shopping Locally

My radio station launched an initiative as a response to the American Black Friday.  Called Shop Local (yeah, grammatically it ought to have been locally, I know) Blackburn Radio created Blackburn Thursday and Friday.  Our announcers blanketed the city and broadcast live from dozens of local businesses. 


Well, I had a post up here about our city’s Mayor being a bit of a douchenozzle for keeping his counsel and not saying anything until charges by the RCMP have finally forced him to.  

Do You Hear What I Hear

Losing one’s hearing is one of the few physical limitations that will frustrate others around you to the point that you can feel admonished for it.  

A Tough Tablet to Swallow

We have a tablet now.  Let’s count, shall we?  Two desktops, one laptop, one netbook, two smartphones and now a tablet.  The cat doesn’t know how to use any of them but not for lack of trying. 

Radio Still Rules

Nay-sayers and outsiders have been sounding the death knell on radio for decades.  I remember in the 80’s people were saying it would be dead by the turn of the century.  I have one response: Ha!   

Who’s Making What

We’re probably all curious about how much money other people make.  I’m sure I’ve told the story before, about how my Program Director at a radio station long ago left a salary spreadsheet on his desk and was late for our meeting.  I’m only human. I looked and boy did I get upset when I …

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The Modern Bookshelf

With the increasing popularity of ereaders and tablets comes the stance against change.  “I love the feel and smell of books”, they say.  I know, I said it too. 

The Foot of the Matter

Women have been facing the conundrum of fabulous footwear versus comfort for too long.  When pal Jenn and I were in TJ Maxx in Port Huron a few weeks back, every shoe we picked up and declared beautiful never found its way to our feet.  They were too pretty to feel good.  Women know you …

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Lest We Forget

A new poll shows more Canadians are planning to honour our veterans this year than in years past.