Month: January 2016

Things Got A Little Nuts

I never claimed I was up on my Lou Diamond Phillips news. I remember things about him from years ago, like how his first ex-wife Julie became Melissa Etheridge’s first “out” partner and that he loves to play poker. 

Can We Talk?

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day. It’s the thing I like best about the company I work for. Yes, it potentially makes them more money when you make a call or send a text today, but they’ll share that income with mental health facilities and programs. They don’t have to do it at all, but …

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Five Social Media Tips from an “Expert”

How a company decides which social media expert to follow, is beyond me. Anyone can say they’re an expert on the most effective ways to use Facebook, Twitter, etc., so with about a decade of experience, I’m declaring myself an expert today. And I hope you’ll add your own tips in the comments section. 

Boot Corral

My online store, Lisa’s Pieces. is live and slowly building a following. I’m sharing items on Facebook and Twitter and not getting too serious about marketing – yet. For one thing, it’s been too cold to get into the workshop and build up inventory of a couple of things I’m holding back, for now. 

Indefensible Acts in Africa

Last week media reported on a trophy-hunting tourism group that was holding what was expected to be a huge trade show north of Toronto. African Events Canada claims its hunting tours are beneficial to everyone involved. It even says the animals benefit because they’re not poached, they’re hunted and used up. So, you know, it’s good for …

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Burn, Baby, Burn

Every once in a while, when it’s windy out, there’ll be a startling bang and rattle in our fireplace. I could never make it happen when I wanted Derek to diagnose it. So, I finally called in a chimney guy.

Review: Fly Me to the Moon

Why do live productions have to be two-and-a-half hours with a 20-minute intermission? They don’t. The new comedy at London’s Grand Theatre is 90 -minutes long with no intermission, and although they’ll sell fewer drinks and treats, it makes for a short and sweet night out for the bleary-eyed and under-slept. 

Spammers Beware

Have you ever wondered who is at the other end of spam emails, and what they do when they get a sucker on the hook? British writer and comedian James Veitch did. 

Throwback Thursday: Gopher This

People who weren’t there say the 1970s was full of bad TV. It’s all about context. When we were kids, The Love Boat was a must-watch show. Just because it’s cheesy now, doesn’t take away from what it was at the time!

Binge-Watching Disease!

Hubby and I started binge-watching Homeland over the holidays, sometimes five or six episodes in a row. And perhaps not coincidentally, that’s when I started having problems getting to sleep at night! 

Spice’s Big Adventure

Spice, our almost-toothless, clawless, senior, indoor cat got out on Saturday. By the time we found him, we could see our breath from the incoming cold. And in-between was the most frantic I’ve felt…maybe ever. 

RIP Thin White Duke

David Bowie never lost his influence over music. There was never a time when people said, Oh Bowie is so last century. He was always relevant. 

Throwback Thursday – Hunting Cacti

It’s more efficient to rent a motorcycle in Las Vegas and drive it to the desert, than to spend all of that time riding to get out there, so in spring 2012, that’s what we did. We wanted to ride along some of old Route 66 and see as much of Arizona as we could. 

Help Me Ronda

Until she suffered her first career loss in mid-November, Rowdy Ronda Rousey was considered invincible, at least to herself. The female side of pro UFC fighting was built on Rousey, an Olympic medallist in judo, and fighting machine. I can’t relate to her mindset or her ambitions but her autobiography, Rousey, is as compelling as any …

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