Miss Sugar’s Moving Diary – Entry #5

I’ve been busy, dear readers, applying my fur to every square inch of this generously-sized apartment. The carpet is a cat-hair-hiding beige, but there’s also a large, dark rug to roll on. It is my personal goal that eventually each piece of this rented domicile will experience the joy of my spiky hair.

How I love to explore! I make it a daily habit to sneak behind the vertical blinds to enjoy the sunshine. I’ve perfected my disappearing act. Surely my people are confused by where I go every afternoon.

The outline of Miss Sugar is clearly seen against the window as she lies down behind vertical blinds.

As the woman prepared to leave to run an errand the other day, the man said, “Don’t forget to pick up some boxes at the grocery store”! They laughed and laughed. That was their old life and now, they are enjoying a break. I’m fed at predictable times. Several times a day I take long naps under the bed and no one bothers me. And there are no intrusions from strangers, just visits from people I already know.

Finally, they honoured me with my likeness in a Crown and Paw portrait. You might recall the one they had made from a photo of my late buddy Spice. Aren’t we adorable?

Life is good right now.

I always know where my people are. They’re happy and calm as they work – one in the walk-in closet and the other, wherever she pleases. At times, I’d love to go out on the balcony and look for birds. I have noticed that the gap below the railing is quite large and looks potentially dangerous. They open the door and I sniff cool air through the screen. There’s no mean grey cat to taunt me here. I have sunbeams to stretch out on and places to hide. I don’t believe I’m missing anything. Like my Mom (I even want to call her “Mom” again!) I’m indoorsy and like to stay cool.

All is well in Sugar’s world!

Until next time, meow’s the word.

Miss Sugar xoxoxo

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