Flashback Wednesday

The cover of Erin's book is light blue with a hummingbird on it

Welcome to another free-Lisa-up-for-unpacking flashback blog post!

I’m proud to be thought of as Gayle to Erin Davis as Oprah. Her talent is immeasurable as is her good judgment. She has sent many new readers to this little piece of Internet real estate and I’m grateful. She has also been generous and thoughtful to me, personally, in a zillion ways I’d never embarrass her by explaining. However, I’m sure that none of those instances would surprise you if you know Erin.

There is no greater gift than a person’s time. This post from February of this year, just prior to publication of Mourning Has Broken, drew loads of readers, eager to get their hands on Erin’s book and see her discuss it. And for me, it was the gift of her time during a zany, busy schedule that stood out most of all. That, and cousin Kim and I waiting in line forEVER to get our books signed. We did this, even though we were having dinner with Erin and Rob that night! What were we thinking?! I can tell you what I was thinking: with so many demands on her, there was a risk that she’d have to leave early.

Several Erin-related blog posts have landed in my most-read-of-all-time category but this one is the leader:

Post: Fan Fest for Erin Davis

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