Birth of a Podcast- Gracefully and Frankly

Erin and I on the shore in Sidney, BC. She's fixing my pendant which had twisted.

We talked about it a hundred times. We’ve been teasing about it via social media. And finally, a podcast featuring Erin Davis and me is out for the world to hear. Gracefully and Frankly, episode one HERE.

Erin and I are a lot alike but we also have major differences. And I mean more than height. (Darn her anyway for having a discernible waist!) We are almost exactly the same age. We both had long careers in radio. She was the Queen of FM in Toronto for ages. Her career made smart young broadcasters aspire to be her and petty ones turn green with envy.

She earned every penny, every accolade, and every compliment she ever received. I had a front seat to witness her relentless schedule. I kept roughly the same hours down the hall as co-anchor of the 680 News (now CITYNews 680) morning show, but I didn’t do a fraction of the other activities: hosting, emceeing, appearances for charitable causes. Her energy and commitment inspired me, too.

Erin and I arm in arm looking about 13 years younger!
At the 2003 launch party for my book, Celebrity Tantrums.

Long before I worked with Erin, I also saw the CHFI TV commercials and would think, wow, she’s got it made! I ought to have known better. I was also in the business! Working with egomaniacal men who didn’t want me there or made my life difficult just because they could. And lo and behold, Erin Davis was going through similar things despite being at the top of Canada’s radio food chain.

Marty Forbes, who brought me to Toronto radio from Wingham in the 1990s said, “Radio here is the same as in smaller markets. In Toronto, there are just more zeroes in the budgets.”

I’ve translated that to mean, in addition to more money, there are assholes and challenges in every market, big and small.

Erin and I in the back seat of her car, driven by her husband
On our way to Casino Rama in 2014.

Erin and I are also recovering alcoholics with addictive personalities. Soft touches when it comes to empathy. Blessed with a dark sense of humour that makes us laugh ’til we almost pee.

She’s more spiritual. I measure everything against scientific knowledge, almost to a fault. But we both respect each other’s (and everyone else’s) views and stay open to learning and admitting we don’t know it all. And speaking only for myself, I find the older I get, the less I know for sure.

Except when it comes to Flat Earthers. Those people are just willfully stupid!

Erin and me both wearing black clothing, bright pink boas and cats-eye sunglasses outside a theatre in Palm Springs before we saw Randy Rainbow live
About to see Randy Rainbow live in Palm Springs, CA, 2019.

It won’t surprise you to learn that Erin came up with our podcast’s name, a clever twist on one of Netflix’s most popular shows. Erin will continue to deliver her hugely successful sleep-stories podcast, Drift, along with Gracefully and Frankly and everything else she does. We both seem to live by Betty White’s philosophy, “You can’t hit a moving target!” We’re both endlessly curious and love learning. And as we go, even after 20+ years of friendship, we continue to learn things about each other and ourselves as we spend time together. Never enough time, actually. But this new venture brings us together more often and for that, I’m grateful.

We hope you’ll join us for our brief (under 30 minutes!) podcast. Our email: We’d love your topic ideas and feedback of any kind. Find Gracefully and Frankly wherever you get your podcasts. Or bookmark this page and come back for the link at the top. And thank you. We’ll never take your time for granted.

4 thoughts on “Birth of a Podcast- Gracefully and Frankly”

  1. OMG (I hate that acronym) you gals are totally awesome ( take back from the ’80’s). I just listened to the podcast and laughed my you know what off.
    I knew right from the beginning that the two of you would hit this right out of the park. And guess what, you did. The World series has nothing on the pair of you.
    I look forward to the next one and the next one after that and so on and so forth( another crazy, stupid saying).
    I’ve known Lisa for, gulp, over half a century and she still surprises me.
    Keep up the great work ladies and I’ll just sit back, drink a cup of coffee and be a faithful listener.
    Luv ya sis, bravo to you both.

  2. A promising inaugural episode!
    This blog post is a lovely tribute to your best friend. You two are going to rock it!

  3. Well Lisa – na na na na naaa my birthday is the same day as Erin. I have spoken to you both over the years and have followed your careers and love what you have done. This joint venture is so easy to listen to and it’s like sitting in on a conversation at the cottage, in the family room, on the porch, wherever. Wish you both all the best. Two lovely gals who are the best.
    Jim Blake – Burlington
    by the way Erin – we got two lanterns and a friend got one and we are working on another two for other friends. Your friend Brooke and our new friend will be busy. Hugs to you both

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