Derek and Spice nose to nose at the vet's office

He Made Our House a Home

It’s part of the deal. Pets don’t live long enough and we know that going in. Adopting a senior cat likely meant even less time and maybe that’s why most people don’t want to do it. You know it in your head but no one tells your heart.

Thankful Thursday – The Outlaws

If life is teaching me anything, it’s to be grateful for who you have while you have them. My in-laws are a pretty wonderful bunch. Derek is the eldest of six and they’re all different but they’re also similar. Siblings are like that. I mean, I only have one, so what did I know?

See You Next Year

2017 has nothing to apologize for. It’s not the year’s fault that we lost my father in it. That blame goes to Parkinson’s Disease which robbed us of him even before it took his life. This is our first Christmas without Dad. 

The Sweetest Rap Video Ever

Confession: I’ve watched this video several times and it’s always been on mute. I don’t really care about the song. Macklemore isn’t my thing. A 34-year-old rapper doesn’t want to be my thing. But what he is, is a caring, sweetheart of a guy who loves his Grandma.

Dad in my Heart

My chiropractor is simply wonderful. She’s thoughtful and smart. She’s the woman who fixed my neck within seconds of our first meeting, after I endured two years of migraines and trying out all sorts of experts who couldn’t do it. I will always be grateful. Like me, she lost her Dad recently, so she knows …

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Putting the “Family” in Family Day

Today is a day off for most. Even most radio stations, which are federally regulated, are observing the provincial holiday. Mine is not and I drew the short straw so I’ll host the morning show alone today. That’s okay. It all eventually evens out in the end.  

Diss Ability

Parkinson’s has robbed my Dad of many things. He shuffles when he walks and sometimes loses his balance so he has to be watched carefully when he moves. His arms don’t always do what he tells them. He looks smaller than he used to. He’s fragile.

Auntie B

This week, Derek’s beloved Auntie Barb died just four months shy of her 96th birthday. She was Derek’s Dad’s older sister who worked for 40 years at BMO and looked after her Mother, Derek’s Gram.  She lived as a single lady, although she had many friends and suitors.