Pink and mauve meme with the quote by Simon Sinek: Good leaders take care of those in their charge. Bad leaders take charge of those in their care.

The Sounds of Silence From Broadcasting’s Corner Offices

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I’ve been sitting with this for a while. Broadcasting sisters message each other. We share stories of the horrors we’ve endured and how we tried to get our managers to do what was right. And how all too often, those managers squelched us. Treated us like we were trying to cause problems. Sent us back into the situation with no new tools to resolve it. No intervention from our so-called “leaders”.

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The Pain/Pleasure Principle

People often ask me why I’m no longer on the radio and whether I miss it. Radio and I had a long love affair. I loved it and it mostly loved me back. After a long career for which I’m eternally grateful, I grew frustrated with corporate owners who didn’t care about radio. When these giant companies swallowed up smaller players, the CRTC forced them to take radio stations even though all they wanted was TV. TV – specifically flagship TV stations in Toronto – is the favourite child. Radio is an afterthought. No, I don’t miss it. I miss the people, not the culture or the work.

Rhoda and Me

Valerie Harper as Rhoda Morgenstern was my TV idol. As a sometimes-chubby, almost always self-conscious kid, she represented what I could become: confident, outspoken, and perfectly imperfect.

All Hail Alejandro

American Idol – I know. Some people hate it. It’s been fascinating and annoying and – when Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj were on it – a waste of airtime. The show deserves the cynicism it attracts, too, with too many so-called Idols having faded into nothingness. Now it’s a little too sweet but I’ll take that over mean any day. And it’s almost over for another season.

Living History

Looking for something different to do last Friday, my pal Jenn suggested we check out the new broadcasting exhibit at Museum London. At the time, we didn’t realize it was the second anniversary of the death of our then-patriarch at Free-FM, Richard Costley-White. Fitting that we had stood in front of his photo at the Museum and remembered what a good guy he was.  …

Long Gone Happy Days

Erin Moran never would have made it on a sitcom in this era of instant critics on social media. She was cute but she was ordinary. She didn’t have a 22-inch waist or DD boobs. Unless she could write her own show and work nude, like Lena Dunham, a girl like Erin Moran wouldn’t have been able to stay afloat in the Kardashian sea.  It’s simply a sad fact.  …

Throwback Thursday – Rula Lenksa

I can’t remember how we got onto the topic on CJBK’s First Thing, although I am the queen of diverting the topic into semi-related subjects. I mentioned Rula Lenska, and the guys’ eyes all went blank. Rula Lenska separates the 50-somethings from those who are younger, because I got tweets and emails from listener/peers who knew exactly who I was talking about.  …

Idle Television

Except for the first couple of seasons and one when Nicky Minaj was a judge, I’ve been a pretty faithful watcher of American Idol. The success of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Daughtry legitimized the reality show/talent hunt and it’s fun to watch these impossibly young kids develop into potential stars.  …