Month: January 2010

Quibble With a Genius – House Proud, Toronto Sun

Even if you’re not a student of design, chances are you’re familiar with the work of Frank Lloyd Wright — the man the American Institute of Architects calls the “greatest American architect of all time.”

Questions, Questions

Do the authorities force famous people who have been arrested to wash off their make-up and mess up their hair and look as if they’ve been sleeping in a ditch just before they take a mug shot?

Unrealistic Assessments

A phenomenon that used to be restricted to garage sales is showing up on auction websites. People really, seriously, overestimate the value of their stuff.

Apples and Oranges Rant

Complaints have sprung up from fundraisers for Haiti earthquake relief regarding some comments made by Conan O’Brien on his last Tonight Show.

Simplistic or Sensible?

Larry Winget wants parents to know a few things and he’s very direct about it:  Your kids aren’t special.  They might even be a mess.  And what’s worse, if you don’t do the right thing they will grow up to be messy adults like the sports heroes who are screwing up their lives.

Thoughtful Entertainment

My taste in music is eclectic.  I may go loopy over one song by an artist and not like anything else they do.  My in-car collection mixes country with rock with classic rock and pure pop.  Nickelback lives alongside Def Leppard and Boston and Tim McGraw.

Machu Picchu

My brother sent these photos from Machu Picchu, Peru last night and they were so spectacular, I had to share them.  His trip south will continue as soon as some bike parts arrive but for now, he’s touring the area and yesterday he went through the Incan ruins.

Deep Cuts

The broadcasting community was buzzing yesterday about a nationwide slash-and-burn at CITY TV stations.

Bin Thinking

London is a vibrant and beautiful city.  It has some of the country’s best higher-learning institutions, loads of greenery and lush parks and it’s well known as a test market for new products and new ideas.  If you can make it work in London, it will work everywhere else.

A Woman with Class

Last night the pat-ourselves-on-the-back season of award giving continued with the Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills.

Legal Eavesdropping

Back when I worked at 680 News I was adamantly against playing 911 tapes of distress calls on the air.  The only exceptions were those calls from September 11th, released long after the fact, when describing the scenes as they unfolded, first hand, seemed newsworthy.  But I thought a call from a frantic person describing …

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Touched by an Angel

Maybe you heard the story a couple of weekends ago and maybe you didn’t.   It happened outside a home in BC’s Fraser Valley.