Month: December 2010

Holiday Feast

I’m trying to decide whether no one truly cares about this woman or they’re all being supportive to a fault.  Regardless, let’s get to know Donna Simpson, shall we, because she doesn’t have a lot of time.

Stooping to Snooping

A US man is facing felony charges akin to espionage or spying because he poked through his wife’s email and told others about what he found. 

Not Re-Gifting, Pre-Gifting! has patented a process that will make sure you don’t get any unwanted gifts through its website.  In case you don’t know, Amazon built its reputation as a book shipper but now it’s a hub for sales of all kinds, from tableware to clothing to food to just about anything else.

Agony of The Feet

We were watching football on Sunday and there was a clip of a coach at a news conference.  “Is that the foot guy?” I asked.  “Yes” said Derek with a chuckle.  “That’s the foot guy.” 

Losing a Grip

We don’t do Boxing Day shopping.  There isn’t a deal that’s good enough to get me out into a retail melee on this day.  Besides, I’d rather randt….  

The Reality of Voice Work

I hear it often.  Lots of people want to get into voice-over work.  Sure, it seems like a sweet and easy gig!  And sometimes it is.  Other times you’re stared down by a producer as he insists that you spit out 45 seconds worth of copy in 30, or pronounce several nearly impossible brand names in …

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The Pros and Cons of Facebook

At a recent gathering of people known and unknown to me, the topic of Facebook came up.  A man I don’t know sniffed dismissively, “I prefer to conduct my communication in PERSON!”  Oh, you never, ever use email? Interesting! 

Oh Danny Girl

Longtime 680 News listeners will likely remember the name Daniela Bilotta.  Daniela, Danny or Dan as she’s known off the air, still occasionally shows up on that radio station and hundreds of others in her role as anchor and reporter at ABC News Radio out of Manhattan.

Decor Delight

Recently I’ve discovered two online sources that feed my constant craving for new and fresh decor ideas.  In one, the photos are rich and beautiful.  The rooms are lush and gorgeous. 

The Meaning of our Non-Word

When we can’t find the proper word in a sentence or we’re too rushed or we don’t know what the right word is, we have been filling the space with the non-word (or so we thought) “schmenge”. 

Unnatural Childbirth

The world’s oldest mother is dying.  The 70 year old Indian woman lied to doctors when she underwent in vitro fertilization 3 years ago, claiming she was 55 – the legal cutoff age for the procedure.  She and her husband are poor farmers who have been “desperate” to have their own child during their 56 …

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Room – Book Review

If you browse bookstores, check the best-seller lists or read about literary awards you already know that London-based novelist Emma Donoghue has won the Rogers’ Writers Trust Fiction Prize here in Canada and a major literary award in her native Ireland.  She missed out on the Man Booker Prize but her latest novel, Room, is the third …

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Natural Beauty

More than a metre of snow fell here during Snowmageddon.  Some beautiful formations, like glaciers, have been created by the freeze-thaw-freeze conditions.