Month: February 2011

What the Hell was That?

When Cate Blanchett came on stage at the Oscars last night Derek said, “It looks like she’s wearing an ottoman!”  I’d have to agree.

Review: What the Dog Saw

OK I’m a little late to the party on this best-seller by Malcom Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point, Blink and Outliers.  It’s already in soft-cover and still on the top sales lists. 

Grooming Shortcuts

I’m only going to be one-armed for a few more weeks so it’s not that big a deal.  But I have been exploring ways of making the daily cleaning ritual easier. 


Oh for the love of….   16 year old pop phenom Justin Bieber was asked some very inappropriate questions for a Rolling Stone magazine interview.  He answered them.  Now there’s all sorts of fury in the US over his answers. 

Dumb Inventions

Dragon’s Den is one of my go-to TV shows “on demand” when there’s nothing else to watch.  I’m hooked on the idea of people appearing before a panel of rich, powerful people and doing their little invention dance to try to attract investments and partnerships.   

Questions and more Questions

I have a lot of time to think.   Time to think, nap, read and watch TV.  If I didn’t feel like shit, and the weather was better, it would be paradise. 

Sisterly Advice

Janet Jackson is out with a new book about her self-esteem issues and how she overcame them. 

Review: Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

Someone whom I respect – I can’t remember who – recommended this novel.  I had started it before my hospital stay and it arrived along with a bag of magazines, puzzle books and a writing pad I had asked for.   After everything else was read, unpuzzled and written, I returned to the novel.

Tastebud Twists

Something unexpected has occured as I recover from this sepsis incident. I’ve always been a coffee … freak   I love my java.  Give me a big mug of something bold and I’m in heaven.  But I seem to have lost my taste for it! 

Bike Show Weekend

The biggest weekend in my husband’s year is underway.  The World of Motorcycles Expo is on at the Western Fair Agriplex.  Today is the final day, 11 – 5. 

Timing is Everything

You know, I really didn’t mean for this to become – at least temporarily – the sicky sickerson blog.  But it’s where my head is at.  Visits from my nurse, Geraldine, are usually my highlight for the day.  She is determined to teach me to change my own IV bag.  I pretend I don’t get …

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Trying to say Thanks

There are simply too many heroes to keep track of when you’ve been in  hospital for two weeks with a serious illness.  But I’m going to try. 

A Bit About B

Let me tell you about my roommate. ‘B’ went home yesterday. She has Crohn’s disease which is chronic and incurable. It causes incredible pain and complications in the bowel and painful inflammation of the joints. This beautiful 20-something woman knows more about her disease than most doctors. She has had to educate herself in order …

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