Month: March 2011

The Sound of Success

It’s a very rare radio client who can successfully voice his or her own ads. But that doesn’t stop them from doing it anyway.

A Gizmo That Lives Up to The Hype

They’re on all the time, those ads promoting the latest whatsit that is going to revolutionize your life. Nine times out of ten the thing turns out to be a dud. But I recently purchased one that is as useful and apparently durable as they claim.

House Proud – Emotional Spring Cleaning Necessary (London Free Press)

It’s a ritual of spring: clearing out the clutter that accumulated over the long, dark months of winter. While most of us concentrate our efforts on closets, basements and places where dust bunnies gather, divorce expert Karen Stewart reminds us to also remove the items that create emotional clutter.

The Power of Punctuation

I tried to inspire myself to comment on the May 2nd election, I really did, but I’ve got nothing. Most of my energy is going to supressing cynicism over another unwanted, expensive campaign. The rest is being spent on discovering diversions like this cover of Tails magazine that’s making the rounds.


You’re probably well aware by now that Elizabeth Taylor died yesterday. She was a true legend in an era when that word is being tossed around to describe people who are really undeserving of it.

The Hunted

I don’t think that hunting is cool. Yes, some people in some parts of the world, including parts of this country, need to do it to survive. Yes I eat meat and where do I think meat comes from anyway? But hunting for sport isn’t right, in my books.

Bike Show Day

We open at 9 am and that’s all she wrote until 5 pm Sunday! Too busy to blog. Have a wonderful weekend!

My Last Post on Sepsis (I Hope!)

Ivy comes off today.  It’s funny.  I have mixed feelings about it.  You’d think I’d be ready to jump up and down with joy over disconnecting the IV tube for good later today but I’m not.  Yet.