Month: April 2011

Real Fines for Fake Bags

The last time I was in New York City my shopping pals and I made a pilgrimage to Canal Street, the home of the best knock-off purses you can find.

Media Mistake

An Amber Alert was issued yesterday morning for a missing 3-year old girl from Sault Ste. Marie. Since then the child has been found, safe, with her Mom, who turned herself in to authorities.

Twits and Tweets

Facebook and Twitter aren’t for everyone. A few months ago a friend de-Facebooked himself because he was sick of being treated like a marketing statistic and having to view the targeted ads that appear on the pages. That’s one way to look at it.

That’ll Cost You

Every time I see a certain radio manager asking for free advice on a well-known message board, my blood boils a little bit.

Coffee Addiction is in the Genes

Results are out from a 17-year, almost-50-thousand person study on caffeine consumption. Researchers say that some coffee guzzlers may be genetically predisposed to lining up at Tims several times a day.

Breakfast at Ginger’s

If you’ve ever had the privilege of knowing a dog you can appreciate how much fun this would be for both human and canine.

Luna the Jumping Cow

This story has been circulating for a couple of weeks but every time I stumble across it I’m reminded of how much I admire this kid’s resourcefulness.

Debating Election Options

If only Jack Layton wasn’t a socialist he would have my vote. I find him likeable, credible and he had the best zinger of the English-language leaders’ debate.